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Part of the chant being yelled out in streets across America by not only “Blacks” but also by other minority groups and Caucasians. Many of who are tired of either being oppressed,dehumanized, demoralized, and ostracised, or tired of watching it happen to the people,e we go to school with, work with, and maybe even share our lunch with. This is. a problem that has lasted for far too long. Generations of people ruined and stained by these beast known as racisim and injustice. They have reeked havoc on not only black communities , but on Hispanic communities , poor white communities just to name a few. We can call its poor problem but that still makes it a black problem. Majority of the Negro people in America are living in poverty. Why is that? The answer to this is multifaceted just as every other questions is.Since the day we were granted freedom we remained in the same state. Many slave owners refused to release slaves and or tried to find crafty was of keeping them on the plantations. After some time when refusal was no longer allowed they resorted to other means of oppression. They wouldn’t allow us to get good jobs and they devised plans to bring us back into slavery through forms of imprisonment. Take a look at the 13th Amendment. Angola and other plantations were built and injustice was served however the white man could serve it to you.Our people continued to be hung , rapped, beaten, killed, and made to fear white faces. Many of us couldn’t hold our heads up when passing white people. They had created white fear in the negro people. Cutting us down every chance they got, Ty gave us the worst of everything in hopes that we could never rise to a proper status or ever become as good as them or worse better. They stole our inventions and gave white men our fame and wealth, they stole our music just the same and took credit for that as well. Later the government pushed drugs into our communities by way of CIA operatives giving us the tool for wealth that would ultimately destroy our people and hopefully decimate us. Then after the problem became their problem too They designed laws for the drug dealers and gangsters that they had created, and more for the junkies. No matter what the laws were always harsher on the blacks than any other race in their objective to keep us down. These issues have existed and still exist today. Now they write scrips about these plans to destroy black societies. They held us back in so many ways and keep finding was to kill us or hurt us some way. We have never received reparations of any sort for our displacement and our years of servitude that ultimately gave America it’s back bone. Without us to work the land and steal from where would America be today? This country was built on our ancestors backs and we today still suffer some of the inhumanities that were suffered by them.And you think that we still need to keep talking. How long does one talk before they are heard? 1000 years maybe and hopefully our later generations will find the relief that was sought by our ancestors. Why are our voices not truly heard and acted upon until something like this happens? Once the oppressed become violent then the people in power begin to say “we can talk about this, you don’t have to do this, there’s a better way”. Have we not seen that peaceful gets us nowhere. How many years of talking does it take for them to acknowledge that there is an issue and begin to fix the problem. These people need to be healed not just heard. We say it’s about the cops’ but the issue is much deeper than that. It only begins with cops and employers. The system in itself is the problem. Why is the law activated to it’s full extent all doubt incurred for officers and the wealthy? Yet when minorities and the poor are accused the law gets twisted and doubt is not enough to prove an innocence unless the doubt is grossly proportionate to the evidence presented. People have been convicted over 20 seconds of footage that doesn’t even show their face or isn’t clear at all, but you have 7 different clear videos of a cop killing an unarmed man and suddenly what would have been an open and shut case for us is somehow not enough to convict. The evidence needs to be heavily scrutinized now. Oh’ because he is considered to be in good standing for being an officer of the law, well what about the man or woman that was the pillar of a community who helped in many ways. Are they not considered to be in good standing and deserving of real justice and fairness? Who’s talking about that. Or this one how is it considered fair for one man to beat another unmercifully for an hour until he is dead or shot a man 7-8 timesand receive manslaughter charges with an 5-12 year sentence and then another punches a guy once and because the punched knocked him out and he ended up losing his life that man has to do life or 40 years.? Is that true justice? How many people are thrown into jails across America with similar stories? Will anybody talk about that? That kind of stuff rips families apart and ruins lives . Not just the lives of the people known as criminals but the childern and grandchildren and nieces and nephews and others. You take away fathers and mothers and leave many children afraid of law or hating them once they find out the wrong that has been done to their home to their father. How many children grow up hating an absent mother of father only to find out that they made an honest mistake. Many times after ten or so years these people have learned their lessons and are ready to get home but “society says they still owe a debt to it”. Why are there no real evaluationsysyems inplace for the good people who get caught up bad or even for the bad people who change for better and find some hope to hang on to in hopes of better days and one day being with their families again? I can’t understand whn there are obviously some people in power who should be in. jail themselves and many f people ro

Two actually help the first and the other as we can see in the video idly stands by and allows this to go on for almost nine minutes. Let’s remove the clothing and see what would happen then. There would be four arrest and four ppl would be serving life sentences. They would have been arrested as guilty and charged simple quick and easy. Yet because these guys are cops they only get fired? Is that justice? I certainly beg to differ. Cops are sworn to protect and serve not maime and destroy. There are cases where cops have used excessive force on minors who are not doing much wrong if any and are not proving themselves to be a problem or a formidable force.When a cop empties a clip into a suspect that is highly unnecessary to stop someone or subdue them.Especially when there is no weapon or they are running away with their backs turned and the hands are visible. They have been allowed these excuses to commit violence on the people for far too long. They should be held more accountable due to their high levels of training just as any military person would be. If I was a registered martial artist and someone tried to attack me and I defended myself by hitting them I would be charged for that because of my training. So why not them? Why not them too? America is in a state of distress while battling a pandemic, why is it so hard to bring the proper justice and end this. All we want is equality. Treat us all the same. Those officers helped or did nothing to help prevent George’s death and like any law a bidding and working citizen would be charged so should they. What more evidence do you need other than the clear evidence caught on multiple cameras? If the law will work for them them work it for the people as well. If they walk then walk the people who have been convicted of the same thing walk as well. Let’s go back and review every case and see what the real facts are and sentence people accordingly, and fairly. There is no way that a person who commits a crime worse than mines should get less time than I have. The justice system has been warped for a very long time and no one wants to truly fix I who is in power to fix it. We sit inside and watch as legislatures fix and crimp laws to nonviolent offenders and do almost nothing to help any one on violent crimes. When you watch the statistics, the real statistics, you can see that the people with non violent charges are the real disturbance in the neighborhoods and those who have experienced the fallbacks of violent charges are La most 100% less likely to return to prison. Who really needs your help America? Where does justice really lie? Who really gets justice? What is justice truly and when will we ever get that?
My heart thought’s and prayers goes out not only to Georges and his family, but it goes out to everyone who has experienced this sort of police violence and injustice and your families as well. No matter if you are Black,Latino,Asian,Indian, or Caucasian your life matters and justice should not be served cold. It should be served properly and honestly.

How hard is it to charge three people and correct this problem? Not because it will bubecause it is right, as right as it would be for any normal group of citizens especially minorities. Black leaders please do not act as if this is not a largely racial issue, and if you believe that it is not then answer this question. Why are all of the cop murders that get broadcast black people? Obviously they are not alway just black people! Stop defending this biased system just because you have a spot in it and portrait it for what it is already! All you do is make the other blacks hate you too. Stop sitting in the safe zone and get out there so that your people can see you. That doesn’t mean be violent , but you can bettesgop the violence if your out there with them. If you agree with them then show them that. Bidding with the white news anchor on the inside is not where you belong when your people are out in the streets trying to do something ng to correct this lasting issue of corruptness that we have experienced ever since they stole us from our lands. That is no pun to those people who are not with this corruption. When there people have to fighter something then they belong there with them as well. Look out in those streets not all the white people are white supremacist looking to tare up a black neighborhood, some of them are generally on our side trying to help us because they care and some have experienced what we go through either because they are not wealthy or simply because they see us as people, and mix with us. So how do you think your people perceive you ,sit there and agree or remain silent to what is really going on in the streets of America. One day I pray that we will all be able to see that we are all supreme beings because together we have built a great thing but apart we could tear it all asunder! And people of the protest remember that you have the power to recuse anyone in power who isn’t doing the right thing. Educate yourselves and your children in the workings of the law and together we can build the kinds of governments we together want and they can’t stop you. Knowledge is gangster, because knowledge is the ultimate power. Give us Peace! No more Injustice! Too many mothers cry over the injustice given to their children. and children are deprived of their fathers,and mothers for way too long. We need to fix this, not because I need it for my case may never be helped but if my voice can save someone then that is enough. Let me be heard. It’s time to come together and save our County before racisim and injustice destroys us all. I don’t agree altogether with the violent protest but if this gets their attention then it has to be done. The people have tried to talk they are never heard.So they resort to tea party rules. Destroy it and they will hear you
Wishing peace to all,GOD bless.

Thomas Herbert #580116
RLCC 1630 Prison Rd.
Cottonport, La, 71327

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