Major McCormick

I Wasn’t Invited, by Major C McCormick

Here’s the perfect picture. They weren’t invited to America, most people who are considered “African Americans” were enslaved, kidnapped, held captive, sold to America, there was never an invitation. Look at America today. The so called African Americans are still being sold, kidnapped, enslaved, held captive. In every courtroom, you’re not standing before a judge you are standing before an auction block, after being kidnapped by the police, or someone working with the system, either in court, or before court such as these so called “detectives.” Held captive in a Jail cell. Sold to a prison, then enslaved. They call it rehabilitation, plantation. They removed the plan from tation and added another plan called rehabili. A plantation was a place to plant seeds mostly cotton. The same liars that promised 40 acres and a mule are the ones claiming there is equality and a fair justice system. Many have fallen to sleep, because they seek friendship, honesty and love by nature, but they so soon forget the nature (Not all caucasians)of those who enslaved, kidnapped, raped, sodomized, hung people from trees. They forgot about the public executions The Romans practiced. Its no different than the public murders the uniformed killers are putting on display. So easily forgotten the so called “African American was never invited to America. Never get so relaxed that you forget who stole and now illegally owns the turf. They seized it by bloodshed, deception, deciet, and treachery. So when you hear the words “let’s make America great again”. Think of your ancestors the ones who made America great without an invitation. The only way America can truly be “Great” again is to include those who made it great in the first place. McCormick 686-167. Observation by McCormick
Society doesn’t know their tax dollars are being waisted, they are clueless to how their money is being spent. How many homes you have brought for the real crooks who have never been caught, or if caught red handed have immunity or its swept under the rug. Does any one remember Chandra Levy? The intern that was found, skull and bones only? Immediately after it was revealed that she was dating a congress man 9-11 happened we never heard a peep about Chandra after the 9-11 Attack. The real crooks run the country and place those labled “criminals” behind bars. Behind bars you have hundreds of thousands of men and women that need mental hospitals , and true counselling, intensive even. All day long 2500 to 3000 men/ women sit around in over crowded warehouses with bunk beds. 95% of them stare at a telivison all day, or play video games, or they do the most depraved things you can think of. Most conversations do not carry good intentions. The prisoners emotions are desensitized to the point of unhealthy boundaries, or nonexistent. Because of being surrounded by total strangers the humans natural inclination is to guard themselves, men. being pronged to avoiding feelings become all aggression no compassion, or empathy. Are we talking about rehabilitation yet? Most of your friends and loved ones become desensitized to the prisoners pain, and need for help, they view the whole plight as something he/she needs, or earned or worse some think of the time as a out date yet to come and forget the fact you are a person trapped in horrible conditions. 2 to 3000 men/ women sharing approximately 7 urinals and toilets per dorm about the same amount of showers. One roll of toilet paper a wk. Steel beds with mats thin as pizza crust after you’ve laid on them for a month, your body fights for circulation. No air conditioning in the living quarters with over 2 to 3000 bodies spreaded over 6 to 10 dorms 250-300 bodies in 1 dorm you’re constantly saying excuse me, or bumping into some 1. I wonder what all of this teaches a drug addict that commits crimes to support his/her habit? You have to wear your shirt tucked in every time you enter a building out side of the gym. You can’t wear hats in any of the buildings besides the gym. You have to follow rules that do not cross over to finding your way in life. I guess tucking a shirt is true rehabilitation. Walking around with 3000 criminals who don’t have sensible goals helps you return to society a well rounded person, ready for a job and community. Some are doing large amounts of time with these conditions and have no help from the outside world. There are no by the hr jobs in here, no minimum wage. no way to file taxes or earn real $ manage $, or a family. These people will return after years of not having 1$ to their name to a society that has bills that have to be paid. This person will need somewhere to stay, food to eat, people skills, skills for jobs. Many have 0 education, no interpersonal communication skills. How will any of what I mentioned help the robber, thief, violent offender become a better person? Following rules such as tuck your shirt in or not wearing a hat does not deal with a person who has deep rooted anger issues, or is a heroin Addict. A drug addict is locked away for years. He/She is offered a program for a couple of hours in reality if the tax dollars were spent to help individuals who need it the drug addicts would be in treatment all day long from dawn to dusk and have a specific prison just for that. The same for each individual case, murders, robberies, rapist,assaults all separate prisons so a true change can happen in the persons life. A few case managers for certain classes of crime not 1 trying to program 300 to 3000 people. The best thing prison has not all of them, but the one I’m currently visiting is a dorm for addicts, and reentry, College, Faith based programs with volunteers from the community, so we interact with caring human beings, and we have a lot of self help classes taught by peers who have changed their way of thinking from criminal to gentlemen. Rehabilitation isn’t in the taxes its in the individual

Major Mccormick
DOC #686-167

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