I cannot love you if I don’t love myself/
even kanye said they made us love they wealth/rule 1 place nothing above myself/I would rather have loyalty then chase a check/

keshawna…. listen i share you a piece of my pain/
being black we posse infinite flames/
while in the womb the pork blood was feed to my brain/
the first shackles was giving me this white mans name/
girl jealous I spent more night’s with the cane/
I was arsonist anything around me get burned/
had to clean myself up felt I was a germ/
no self worth I seen her spend a hour on perms/
if you look at you and look at me you see a difference/
to the blind my shine like a fucking prism/
I am god in the flesh I have no religion/
my heart pump green fluid like its a transmission/
or a fish that’s alive um in the can spitting/
double cc on my shirt in some new Christians/
Nottoway special I got two biscuits/
covid 19 bars fuck your immune system/
grass rising snakes getting sophisticated/
unique passed me the bomb I’m now a innovator
I feel love the hate got no Penetration/
wisdom inspiring i sware she’ll lift up face’s/
I’m from pistol-city had to eat out oasis/
I could’ve been free tabar know I know cold case’s/
whoever invented this system they must be all racist/
I’m doing a forty year bid I can’t breath like Floyd/
me um abolishing you talking about prison reform/
they just move around pieces then its back to the norm/
im from the projects you know I got my back to the storm/
open a school these dumb niggas was teaching us wrong/
demand to be heard militant I speak with a bomb/
if I love you you hungry take a piece of my arm/
they killed travon,Sandra,Derrick Tilly and Floyd/
you will not die in vain while carry a voice/
I didn’t ask for it my a likes passed me the torch/
I am alchemist I break down degrees and raw/
it’s in my nature to show you what the seasons for/
and my logic to the blind is like a key to a door/
white supremacy can die rest in peace with Floyd/
black lives matter man!!!We all we got,no more killing each other nah…If we gone die let it be for a cause!Its time we start to love ourselves…Alpha Omega 700

DOC #1091722

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