Behind the Curtain, by Sean Brown

When it comes down to it,
The basic essential quality behind mankind’s ruin;
All that really remains there,
Fueling the various forms of destruction is FEAR.
Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of never being enough;
Fear of misreading people & giving away too much trust;
Fear of each other’s motives;
Fear of what’s said & thought about Us;
Fear of being hated,& in fear of Love;
Fear of falling low & fear of rising above.
We fear the unknown & don’t know We’re afraid;
Half of the time We make decisions truly believing We’re being brave.
It takes Courage to have Faith & live I out in the midst of madness;
During dark days it’s essential that We wear Our Light just like honor badges.

DOC #1083630

Categories: poems, Sean Brown

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