I hope all is well with the inmateblogger community! I know I haven’t submitted anything lately, as I’ve been overwhelmed with course work. Currently I am enrolled in Ashland University in pursuit of an Associates of arts degree in general studies with a minor in sociology. Last semester I earned a 3.67 GPA , and this semester I took an additional (2) classes for a total of (5) so that I can have my degree in two more semesters instead of three.

This semester im taking the following cources, financial accounting, personal financing, American history, exploring the bible and, sociology, and I will be the first to admit that ain’t nothin easy about it, especially when you don’t wanna just pass. To just pass ain’t good enough for me, I set out to be great, I hold myself to the standard that I know society will hold me to when I return in seven years ( worst case scenario). A black man ( let’s just be honest) like myself who will have spent the last two decades in prison, for a violent homicide offense, with a documented history of drug possession and trafficking, no credit or work history ( does not exist to society). Though I will be expected not to succeed, and to fall right into my place in the vicious cycle of recidivism, will be held to a standard much higher than the average Joe. If I am to succeed and beat the odds, it won’t be given to me or made easy. I understand this just as I must. So I hold myself to a standard even higher than what I will probably be held to by a parole officer or a potential employer. In fact, I hold myself to a standard that if I have it the way I plan it, I will skip the employer altogether and give myself an even higher chance at success, by being self employed even before I’m released, I’ve seen it done.

Self-discipline, of all the things I’ve accomplished during my incarcerratiin, I know of none more difficult and at the same time, more honourable than that of self-discipline, self-mastery, self-government. For the higher (moral) self to overpower and seize control of the lower (carnal) self, is a feat greater that that of any a man may accomplish in all his years of living. With this accomplishment comes the earned right to say with complete and total confidence, that no man has influence or control love ones self. Even within the confines of prison, a controlled environment, where a set of written rules are set to regulate ones every movement, to follow these regulations is simply to walk and live right any way, without being told to, because all that is written is within the peramiters of what you have already made your own conscious decision to do anyway.

I encourage all accomplish two things, self-discpline and self-love, then and only then can you begin to discipline and love others with pure intentions and a pure heart. People will see it all over you, it will radiate off of you and people will be drawn to it and respect it, you will have friends from all walks of life, and you will eventually meet the love of your life, which will help you further accomplish self discipline and self love, as they guide you in what it takes to love them, as each individual has to be loved differently according to who they are, and what they’ve been through. I’m at that stage now, I got mine, and she’s teaching me, simply by being her beautiful, hard to deal with, sassy, intelligent, strong ,loyal self, and everyday I’m learning to love her just as she is……………Her name is Brittany………….Brittany Nicole…………..Brittany Nicole Harris, she loves me, and she’s mine.

Rico D. Comer #732167
Toledo Ohio Corr. Institution
2001 E. Central Ave
Toledo, Ohio 43068

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