racism & equality

True To Myself, by Travis Tucker


You are the future!!!Inside your blood exist a history of all world’s…

My sense of pride and self worth sometimes have caused me thing’s and people that’s dear to my heart and soul,and some of these things and people I may never get back.But it has also bought me sanity,as well as the resolve to draw a line in the sand and stand on who I am…If your family to me then I place nothing or no one above you,my sense of loyalty and convictions are likened to the Italian mob,or Mexican mob.Nothing’s more important then family in this world to me.At the same time understanding why family is important will help you develop sound values that ultimately benefits any and everyone you come in contact with.I’ve learned that everyone has negatives and positives about there character or maybe there perceived flaws from the eye of the beholder.However,the tolerance that’s needed to sew the seeds of unity and love back to our family structures requires us to take the worst part as well as the best part of our brothers and sisters…Dear Queen I hope and meditate that you are more forgiven and patient then me.Disloyalty has turned me ice cold to whereas I have isolated myself from love,I’ve been betrayed so much I don’t fully no love like I thought I did.I can only measure love as how I show it and this is how it was shown to me,Unconditional!!! Anything outside of this is infatuation…

Dear queen,Always love yourself it’s the inner love that project’s a harmonic vibration of energy that anyone can feel that comes in your presence,Your able to keep a smile and beautiful aura…And true love will find you,Never a need to rush The greatest part of yourself you can ever give someone is your time,Because your giving them apart of you that you’ll never be able to get back…

My sense of pride,I can’t swallow I rather swallow blood!!!That may same ignorant but it’s at least who I am.I don’t and can’t condone thing’s I am against!I may lose or already lost my bond with my daughter for which I will always love.But my black pride is so deeply enriched or ingrained In me I could never bring myself to accept her dating a person who is responsible for inflicting so much pain and hurt on my people,to this day after coming out of 500 years of brutal slavery for which I’m sure you comb through the history books yourself one day and come to your conclusion of life and where we stand in history….Dear queen your g-pops is not a racist,And to put this in better perspective I think that black people should help themselves,Love themselves,Heal themselves,Find own identity and then love as you please anything in opposition to this to me personally is insanity… We are trained since birth to look outside of ourselves for the answers to all our problems when the reality is everything you see in the universe exist within you and started with you.Everything you see first took root in the mind/a thought.So indeed its a reflection of you!Your g-pa is not another nigga I’m an extraordinary force of nature and a product of trail and error,I’m what the mud produced…A diamond and so are you.Dear Queen I built my own school’s or universities of infinite knowledge by being aware,This allows me to bring the heavens down and place at your feet,This is what makes you a queen…Culture,which is Knowledge,Wisdom,and understanding…She placed him above me So I removed both of them from my reality all I know is love,loyalty,respect and family first…Queen blood alone doesn’t make you family but sacrifice and commitment and with me loyalty is everything!!!

I’ll always be with you,When you feel alone and by yourself just look within by meditating,Breathing.These jewels you’ll come to understand in time are priceless and pure life,so what are you waiting for put them on!There’s something else I’ve left for you,So if I’m not here when your old enough to read and understand this….Know I’m the truth and I love you beyond time and space.Respect yourself, cherish yourself and people have no choice but to treat you with such…And Kay No Pork Please!!!Lol,Last jewel.

Go get “Inmate Blogger: Proving Every Day That You Can’t Imprison A Soul” on amazon…it’s a must read!!! Shout out to Suzie Bosko for for championing all lives and black lives matter and every voice matters!!!Stay tuned for my next two builds.(Real prison)(one flaw in women)asap

Travis Tucker #1091722
P.O.box 488
burkeville,va 23922

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