You Can Learn A lot From Donald Trump, by Robert A. Smith Jr.

I got a lot of respect for Donald Trump, like him or not, he’s a real gangster. Not like your neighborhood gangstas. Although they should take note. He’s in a position of power and he’s doing and making Executive decisions unapologetically. Not caring who feels some type of way, or has anything to say. In fact, if you say the wrong thing, You’re Fired! Lol. Now that’s gangster. He openly shows his support of white supremacy. He’s very direct and blunt, two qualities that most people need to embrace. Whether you agree or not with what he says. How can you not respect a man that’s telling you, I don’t like you! Or your kind. I love brutal honesty. That’s what makes America Great. I don’t want you faking it with me. That’s too dangerous. And it can cost me my life. So I encourage everyone, especially people of color, to note the Donald Trump’s of the world. Because he’s just one of many. The more ignorant or foolish kind. Most of them are a little more covert, deceptive, and crafty. Kind of like when he was doing Apprentice. He didn’t really show any of them signs of being an overt racist, and by keeping on his mask he rocked a lot of people of color to sleep and got there vote. Then he took off the mask. Which is a game that white politicians have been playing with Blacks and people of color for decades. And they’re still going for it! I don’t believe in keeping your enemies close, stay over there, that way I know who you are, I know your motives and intents beyond a shadow of doubt. Trump tells you who he is and he shows you. On top of that, he brings out everybody who feels the way he does. Which to me is a beautiful thing. Because a lot of people, especially of color, went to sleep when Obama was elected. And fell victim to this whole post racial society crap. America is still America. Which I’ve always known, long before George Floyd. Trump is just a product of the American culture. Racism lies deep within all the institutions of America. That means when they go to college, the military, the police force, the bank, you name it, they’re being reinforced with racism. And that’s why I think you can learn a lot from Trump. Donald Trump is a part of a dying generation of racist that’s trying to do everything to hold on to that old Glory. Its funny when you see this first hand, like my fiancée, her parents are older, around Donald Trump’s age. Her dad in particular keeps trying to gauge her and her children feelings on all that’s going on with Black Lives Matter and his perception of the niggers are taking over. Like she tells me, he’s dramatizing the events to win her and the kids sympathy at the fact that he’s headed to the grave, and the America as he once knew it will be no more. So he’s constantly trying to perpetuate this poison into his daughter and grandsons. And for the most part they think he’s becoming delusional. I always joke with her, that if dad knew I was your man, he would take his self out lol. What a shame, the Donald Trump’s of the world are becoming a dying generation. But in the process they’re trying to pass on their prejudices to their children and the up and coming generations. Donald Trump’s unapologetic actions are worth taking a look at, because when you in a position of power, most of your decisions shouldn’t be based on how the people will perceive you. They should be done on conviction. And I believe that’s what drive a lot of Donald Trump’s decisions. As impulsive as they might seem, he’s making them based on what’s in him. Not what people will think of him. He’s not a politician, he’s a Boss! And that’s what Bosses do, make decisions based on their convictions. Now it just happen to be a lot of his convictions are bullshit to people. But then again you say what people, because most of white America loves Trump. Its the common people, the protesters, Black people and people of color that don’t have much coming with Trump. And why should they? Based on how he was raised, he’s doing exactly what is expected of him, securing his own best interest for generations to come. So you can learn a lot from Trump, once you put your feelings to the side, the man is a model of what to do once you’re in a position of power. You take the mask off and show the world who you really are. Most people are afraid to do this, especially people of color. I like many black Americans, always wished Obama would of had a mask on. Then maybe, there wouldn’t have been so many unjustifiable homicides by police officers. Or maybe George Floyd would still be here today. I just feel like a lot of the issues we’re dealing wit today shouldn’t be when you had someone in office who appeared to be for the people. Those convictions should have came out in more ways than one. And that’s why I got so much respect for Donald Trump because he has the balls that Obama lacked. He has the nerve to accept ridicule or being the least popular, to preserve the American heritage right before he die. And that’s what it’s all about. Donald Trump has balls. You can’t be no President and be scared to die, because you decide to act in the best interest of your people. You can learn a lot from Donald Trump.

Robert Smith Jr
DOC #477-176

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