today I learned that County jail facilities are over–charging inmate families to put money on their accounts.

1) FOR PHONE FUNDS, IT COST AN $7.00 (So if a family memebr puts $10.00 on a loved ones phone they will be charged $7.00;

2) FOR AN INMATE’S TRUST ACCOUNT, IT COST AN EXTRA $12.00; the same goes in this situation;

How is this? You mean you’re punishing families for their friend or familie’s errors?
Or is this a bloody shake down? Who are the real criminals; Those in control of irrelevant and illegal taxing? or Families? Or the inmates inside?
And why is this happening? Because, for one, no one’s actually complaining, and two, because county officials are blocking calls or aren’t taking these complaints serious, and lastly…Simple…GREED.

DOC #562207

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