Charles Garrison

I Can’t Breath! by Charles Lamar Garrison


We’re suffocating…
bound by the unrelenting restraints imposed by poverty…
and so on
as the intended victims of capitalism
we as blacks must ask ourselves
if being included in the conversation of basic equality even possible
here in America
when we’ve been subjected to such heartache
for so long
it’s just so hard to breath
beneath the knee of such injustice
where police are weaponized
and given free reign to pillage black communities
which instead of being served and protected
are served no-knock warrants
shot down like dogs
and have no one to protect us
still we cling to the illusion
that these injustices are isolated to random individuals
and that if we conduct ourselves in a certain manner
everything will be fine
but the buried souls of hanging slaves say otherwise
and beg for me to decline
here in this pasture of capitalism
we continue to allow its shepard to lead us to slaughter
and act as if we seek change
but allow George Washington
who owned three hundred slaves
to be masqueraded as a hero
with his face on the American dollar
we’re suffocating
with the knee of injustice on our throat
and can either plea to no avail…
or revolt!

Charles Garrison
DOC #A496360

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