Why? (An Excerpt), by Tony Lewis

Blog: This Book’s Synopsis: Tony Tremayne Lewis was nineteen, and handsome. He had the potential of flourishing in the branch of military, but after mulitiple charges of several sexual assualts came crashing down, many who knew him looked in, from the outside, wondering one thing…WHY?

This book, will not only shift your perspective on sex offenders, but it’ll also shine a brighter light on PTSD, and its’ seriousness if not addressed early on in a person’s life.


The Prolouge
This is a real letter, from a real mother, to her only child…gone, serving a life sentence.
originally written: November 15th 2015

” Dear Tony! God puts the very things we need in front of us when we need it. I have strugled through each November 15th since your sentence trial. Each November 15 thereafter, I actually despized the date. Today, as I sat in my apartment, the Spirit moved me to continue my reading of a book I started about two years ago- Life Code, by Dr. Phil The New Rules for Winning In the Real World.
I have slowly read this book for about two years- but I have devoted more time reading its chapter, as it sits on my bedside each day. Today I stumbled across this chapter that moved me spiritually, emotionally, mentally and riled up emotion of love and fear.
The Chapter ( the last chapter) focuses on parenting in the Real World. The last chapter motivates parents to apply the life code to their families and the role as a parent. Children today are born into a very differnt world from the one we were born into and grew up in.
I want to write you what I should have taught you 20 years ago. Had I applied this supportive nuturing it would have affected you and my ability to protect you.
The book explains that the Game of Life is drastically changing for children; however, what is explained surely applied when you were a child. So, imagine its 20 years ago and Im telling you these important facts. If by chance God blesses you to have children remember these life lessons can be conveyed to your children in age- appropiate ways.
Learnin about that ” funny feeling”
So, how do we, as parents, protect our children in this rapidly changing and threating world?
The word ” parent” is both a verb and noun. The job as parents is to pepare our children for the next level of life. First, when they’re in diapers and cant talk, walk, or crawl, they’re totally dependent on us, and what we’re doing is just heping them survive. Parents teach them to eat and drink. Then, parents have to start socializing them to communicate and interact and follow instructions. Parents prepare them to get along with other children in the kindergarden and grae school. Eventually, parents help them go out into the world and negotiate the hazardous terrian. But these days our kids- your kids- are exposed to complex, intimate, adult relationships when they’re only 12 or 13 years old( or younger).
Worse still, they start entering into very grown-up relationships well beyond their level of maturity- and thats a real problem. Too often, kids are thrown into stages and phases of life without any preperation whatsoever. It doesnt occur to a teenaged girl, for example, that she might be in a chat room or an Facebook talking with a 45 year old registered Sex offender, who is ”grooming” her, all the while pretending to be a teenager. Your children have the knowledge but not the wisdom to navigate the web. They might know which buttons to push but they dont know when they’re being played. And even in the ”real world” instead of online, we’re not the only adults in our children’s lives.
Since we will never be the only voice in our child’s ear, we need to make absolutely certain that we are the best voice in their ear. Here is a hugley important question that I want you to ask yourself right now. What do you really know about the adults who you turn your children over to? Do you know what kind of upbringing your children’s teachers had? How about their coaches? Scout leaders? Sunday School teachers or clergy? If that sounds blasphemous to you… it is not. We’re not talking about God here, we’re talking about the people you trust yor children with.
I wonder how many children would have been protected if their parents had read this book, or one like it. I wonder how many parents within the Catholic Churchs or those putting their children in football camps with Jerry Sandusky at Penn, would have asked more questions: How much do you know about the people you are turning your children over to? We have to question everything we have been taught. If it stands up to the challenge then fine, go ahead and hang on to the thought, value, or belief. But if it doesnt withstand the challenge, then dont hesitate to abandon that old way of thinking. For example, parents typically tell their children to ”mind” the adults in their life. ”Dont talk back, and do what you are told.”
What are we thinking? This is truly a higher form of insanity! If you tell your child to mind the adults in their life, you could be leading them to the wolves and lions of depravity.

End of Excerpt

The purpose of this blog is to prepare you all for the wave to come; To prepare, for the belief…that one man’s truth…can, and will, change the world.

His Truth…shall set many free.
2 Corinthians 2

This blog was written by the source of the upcoming tell-all WHY?: Tony T. Lewis#98308 (the Kansas prisoner) He can contacted through

Tony Lewis
DOC #98308

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