COVID stands for “Certificate Of Vaccination Identification” (C.O.V.I.D.)
19 now known as the H.R. 6666 Trace Act.

According to the Collins English Dictionary, the term “coronavirus” means “a type of airborne virus accounting for 10-30% of all colds.” Leading health officials state that this virus is responsible for attacking the respiratory system, influencing a buildup of mucus, that has taken the lives of over 200,000 in a matter of months.

Ironically, the “Center for Disease Control” (CDC) and the “World Heath Organization” (WHO), has never declared finding a coronavirus nor have they ever declared finding a new strand of virus called coronavirus. (coast2coast). So, in order to fully understand the truth of the Coronavirus, you must first break down the word Corona to its finest element.

According to the Collins English Dictionary physics defintion, Corona a.k.a. as corona discharge, “is an electrical discharge caused by ionization of the surrounding gas”, or in other words, oxygen becoming atoms being electrically charged and altered. To further add on, Ionization is ” the formation of ions as a result of a chemical reaction, high temperature, electrical discharge, particle collisions, or RADIATION”. So what exactlly is causing this discharge or change in the earth atmosphere?

Oxygen molecules are made up of atoms and are affected by the radiation emitted by 5G radiation Towers. 5G is the amplified form of radioactive energy emitted to signify communication. The higher the amperage or signal (radioactive energy), the stronger and faster the connection. But as these cell towers transmit signals across airways, they ionize the oxygen atoms that we breathe. Breathing these charged particles results in inflammation of the lungs which is being blamed on the so-called coronavirus.

During this corona pandemic, orders were put out for the human population not to leave their homes. The human population accepted this unconstitutional request because they have been put into a state of fear based on their ignorance of the truth. This order allowed contractors to finish assembling the 5G towers despite the publics objection of these radioactive warheads.. The truth is that its bigger than cell tower signals. This is a direct and global attack against the human population.

In May, 2020, the
H.R. 6666 Trace Act was proposed as a bill. Its purpose was to use contact tracing testing to determine those who have been exposed to COVID -19. This bill also emphasized the use of forced testing allowing officials to forcibly enter homes despite the publics objection. Furthermore, The means of testing for COVID-19, is to insert a kit into the nostril.

Whenever test of mucus, saliva, etc or used, the normal means are to swab the throat. So I ask, what are the CDC and WHO inserting into the nostril when even they have not recognized a actual virus present. In the book “Behold A Pale Horse” by William Cooper, he speaks of the New World Order implanting chips into the humans beings to track order of the population.

Keep I mind, this is the Trace Act, and testing is a perfect disguise to insert chips into the nasal cavity. The high power 5G tower, would wireless energize and charge the chips so the population is continuously monitored under this new world.

In the Unseen Hand by Ralph Eperson, president Roosevelt is quoted saying that “in Politics, nothing just happens. If it happens, it was planned that way.” Now why would the American and World Government go to such drastic measures to use deception to annihilate, murder, and kill human population.

Do your own research and share with me any information your research reveils. I’m Sun Born A.K.A. Tommie Forster and can be contacted through whatever source led you to this information..

Positive Education Always Corrects Errors

Tommie Forster #1403251
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, Virginia 23922

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