Mario Collier

QUESTIONS, by Mario Collier

Why is it that you have to fight for the American dream? Have you ever given any real thought to homelessness in America, do you realize it doesn’t have to exist? One of the main reasons manufacturing is outsourced is the low price of a huge work force, imagine if we used the homeless for some of the work outsourced to China, we could pay the people with shelter and food. This could turn into a program that rehabilitates and provides the cinfidence that people need to return to being productive. You have people hungry, why? All the vacant property across this country, grow food that feeds the people who care for the crops, and donate some to soup kitchens and people in need. Sometimes I think the ills of society are necessary for the haves and have nots, it perpetuates the mentality that gives a false sense of achievement and the feeling of being better than someone in this country. How is it that Cuba and Canada can have the best healthcare for its citizens, all its citizens, and the country that imposes sanctions on other countries for being unjust their people, are being unjust to their people? Can you imagine if China or Russia created a mission to punish trump for being a tyrant, like the USA did to Iraq and Saddam Hussein, this president has a very long list of violations to his people. He promotes division just to keep the older white racist population in his voting pocket, with no regard to the mentality it’s creating throughout the country. Why does he get a pass when all the other dictators are called out? Why will Americans allow politicians of the group they belong to, Republican’s and Democrat’s, the greenlight to continue to misuse and lie to them. Every Democratic district in America is poor with basically no schools and jobs. The president lies blatently, and when he’s caught with facts, fox news, Republicans, will clean his mess right up for their base. Are the people fools? How can you allow people to lie to you over and over again, and have the nerve to consider them black like you because of a infelidety, wow! What did Bill Clinton do for black people? He ruined the great writ and pledged the most money to the war on drugs, which you know thanks to president Regan was a war on blackmen, predators. Can anybody answer why schools are being closed in all the urban areas? I wonder if this is by design? When the people can’t be educated, will they possibly end up committing crime, which will land them in prison? Does this sound like someone’s strategy? Did you know prisons are traded on the stock market? Makes you give a closer look to school closings yeah? Why won’t Michigan allow media inside the prisons? Could there be something to hide? Did you know that a prisoner pays over $200.00 for a 13′ television, and if you are a porter working in the blocks, you earn under $20.00 a month, some will make more if they have been incarcerated for a while and acquired a certificate to increase their pay, but the flip side to that is that in most prisons the porters have to work half details due to overcrowding , and they will earn, $4.44 a month. A deoderant can cost $3.50, imagine how long it will take to purchase a television! Why is everything so expensive in prisons? Why does society think that via their taxes, they provide, cable, televisions, and other forms of entertainment for the population, they absolutely don’t. I wonder where your taxes actually go? Did you think slavery ended? When the administration decides to transfer prisoners, to other prisons, they take them to saint Louis mi, and they are placed in cages, like what you put dogs or slaves in, a wooden roof with a fence like in your yard, filled with men as vans pull in and gather them to be taken to another plantation, I mean prison. Did you know that prisons are filled with men with diabetes, they feed you potatoes almost everyday, that turns into sugar, they give you soy based meatballs filled with bread, and mashed potatoes, which also turns to sugar. If it’s not potatoes or sugar it’s processed meat which isn’t beef by the way, I have no clue what it is, they’ve successfully made me vegan. When you are diabetic, they put you on a diet that consists of everything diabetics sbould not eat. Talking about health services will take another letter. I understand you have to be held accountable for your actions, but when you are given money to fund these men and women held, and it’s not being done, who holds them accountable? Michigan has such bad roads and city work that needs to be done, that just isn’t getting done, so why not use the workforce you have incarcerated? We know and this is proved by data, lengthy sentences and prisons don’t deter crime, so if when using the prison population as a workforce, and one or two does something criminal, don’t be alarmed and put a end to the program, when the guy without a criminal record shot up the country concert in Vegas, you didn’t stop having concerts right? You can help men repay their debt to society and save the tax payer some money as the incarcerated work for their freedom doing work that can cost hundreds of thousands to millions of tax payers dollars. Why doesn’t anybody think like this, keeping people in prison for crazy amounts of time does nothing as a deterrent, but we don’t correct it. We will continue to gamble on our future, the children, by closing the schools to educate them. The future belongs to them, why are the politicians ruining it for them? The dentist won’t fill a tooth in here, they will just pull them. Funny, they won’t allow us to have real toothbrushes and real floss which will aid you in preserving your teeth. It’s unbelievable actually, but if you aren’t inside these walls you have no clue. I haven’t even scratched the surface, there’s so many questions.
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