Change For A Change, by Dennis Martin

Peace to ALL taking the time to read these words of realness. Hopefully, they’ll spark a fire within & encourage you to come aboard & join the cause. I stand proudly as a Black man, but am so tired of everything being based solely on color. We’re currently living in a world that’s in desperate need of change. Now, I ask that you take a few deep breaths & please push your pride & ego to the side. I need your heart in it’s purest form to take this in because the situation at hand is bigger than a biased opinion or a thought that derives from inherited hatred. I formed these words from the events that I’m forced to bare witness to on a daily basis & as a person of the HUMAN race, I’m more than tired of the injustice, the racism from ALL, & the lack of intelligence that we, as a collective whole, are NOT displaying to rectify a bad situation. I will no longer be silent. My intentions are to enlighten all & to offend none.
We have to wake up & truly acknowledge what change is, in order to understand that we must first change ourselves before we can exert the necessary energy into the change needed to better our individual communities along with the world that we live in. It saddens me to see & know that even after the passing of so much time, we as a people in general, are still so stagnant mentally. Racism HAS to be done away with immediately. As a man of color, I find it so frustrating that I’m constantly being forced to seek out ways to maneuver around the oppressive influence that the past has on the present. When will WE, as people of color, be treated as equals to our white counterparts? The heartless racism, the extreme division, the intense hatred for one another…it all HAS to stop. We can’t get to where we need to be, as a united race, if we continue to embrace & display this stupidity.
I ask you to please open your eyes & see the issue at hand for what it really is. My human brothers & sisters, stop pointing fingers at each other. That alone is a part of the problem & the lack of the willingness to focus on ways to better ourselves is just as much the problem. I don’t see anyone pointing fingers at themselves though. Is that just? But yet…everyone is speaking on how injustice is an issue..smh. I’m a prime example of injustice. I’ve been incarcerated for the last 20 plus years because of injustice. I was charged for & found guilty of a robbery that is known that I didn’t committ. But…just because I was present at the scene of the crime & didn’t do anything to prevent it, I was charged as an accomplice & given the same exact amount of time as the actual perpetrator. So, if you’re going to speak on something, speak nothing less than the truth in its intirety. We have to stop being one-track minded people. Once we embrace that change within ourselves, then we can come together as a collective whole & strategize & implement a plan to endure much needed prosperity not as Blacks, not as Whites, not as Asians, not as Hispanics…but as HUMANS. We have to begin looking from the same perspective & see that freedom, justice, & equality are mandatory & also three of the key factors in uplifting “US” a whole.
It’s bigger than what the average eye can see, but yet it’s still clearly visible. You just have to use your third eye, which is your brain, & start thinking while feeling because if we keep feeling & NOT thinking, we’ll only continue to act out of emotion & it’s emphatically impossible to achieve anything doing that except for temporary individual satisfaction. But…if we think about why we’re in the state that we’re in, have the courage to voice why we’re feeling how we’re feeling, respect & embrace each other’s thoughts & feelings, & put our minds together…WE can make this whole world a better place for ALL of humanity. It doesn’t matter what race you are nor does it matter what language you speak. PEACE is understood by ALL & that’s the ultimate goal & why I’m suggesting that we all take the initiative to change for a change…only to bring about very much needed PEACE. Emancipate your minds, my brothers & sisters. Realize that now is no longer the time. It’s well past time & the clock is steadily ticking. Are you really dedicated & committed to the cause? What’s the cause? If you’re not conscious of the cause, I’m not going to give up on you. Just go back to the beginning of this passage & really take your time to digest this & allow my words to penetrate, educate, stimulate, & help elevate. I’ll provide a helping hand, if you allow me to. It’s time to show & prove people. I need you to really clear your mind. Let your thoughts saunter as you search within. Ask yourself if you are currently the best version of YOU. If not, you must figure out what YOU need to change & get straight to it. We’re already running late, my brothers & sisters. I mean, just observe what’s going on in today’s society. See what I’m saying? At the end of the day, WE are the only ones that can bring about that change. I, myself, am far from perfect…but…I’m capable & more than ready, willing, & able to change for a change.

-Forever Real-

Dennis Martin
DOC #1152550

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