Dennis Tuck

Broken Promises, by Dennis Tuck

prision journey #1

just to clarify i came to prision for 2 counts felony assult on the jail deputies, when i was told i’d would be released in 1998 from prision if i plead guilty,,so i did so, and that never happened.sadly elonor roosevelt once said “if you want to see the scum of the earth stand outside a prision during shift change” i can validate her comments with documents to support during my prision journey.. so after pleading guilty in 1995 the laws changed in 1996 a key facter in all of this so lets begin.

at ross corr. inst in 1997 my sister found our biological mother and the case manager refused to place her on my visiting list,so i bought nitro- tablets and crushed them up and placed them in the coffie pot. end result i was placed in (seg)and my security was raised from medium-3 to close,and at this time i meet terry collins the current warden at the time who asked me to allways discuss any situation that involved staff befor i handle it myself,,and since he put my mother on my visiting list i agreed,,, while in seg i seen the parole board on 6-22-98 under the new law criteria and they put it in writting i was a catagory 4 risk 4 for a total of 24-32 months max in prison on my felony assult charges,please note at this time i was allready 7 months over my parole was rescheduled due to mental health evaluation,while waiting i was givin a new celly who the gaurds wanted to hurt and they asked me to step out so they could do so. i refused so on 7-14-98 the gaurds turned off our water,threatened us and we responded and the extraction team came in on us,end result we were both charged with threats with a weapon,,now pending a security transfer to (socf-administrative control seg houseing)and again seen the parole board on 8-24-98 and was denied parole given a continuance until 5-1-2000 recommending in writting i continue psy-counseling and get a security reduction,it should be noted their was no-weapon and my celly had raped his wife in a very foul manner and the reason staff wanted to harm him.. had i known this prior i may have let them, or addressed it meself.

at southern ohio corr inst-on 9-1-98 both me and my celly transfered, it should be noted now that on the drc form initial medical mentalhealh substance abuse screening form states- history of out paient mental health (yes)- history of in paient mental health treatment (yes)- history of violent behavior(yes)-history of suicide attempt (no) was on case load at sending instition(yes)current psychotropic meds (dc’ed 8/10/- no)signed by j.m. henry psy d.rci. this being a factula document, due to excisive psy-meds i have a thyriod disorder and was on medical double portions and asked case manager jennifer grant to check the records to re-establish my double portion (never happened) and here is why,jennifer grant spent all day catering to sexual misfits instead of dueing her job and i got frustrated and told her about herself,end result she threw away my file,falsyfied records(used psy staff to condone her behavior)gave me a new security review for the exact same ticket i recived a security increase for from close to max, now being used to send me from max to high max on 1-29-99 so note the names involved and records jennifer grtant/ stepkn dillon at socf,on the drc form mental health information for transfer sheet dated 12-3-98 “no current mental health reason inmate should not be considered for transfer to osp” signed by stephn dillon, so i was transfered to a prision that no-leagally mentall ill are allowed to be at by erasing my psy-history..

at ohio state penatentry on 1-28-99 same drc form initial mental health screening form- history of outpaient mental health(no),-history of inpaient mental health(no),-history of violent behavior(yes),-hisory of suicide attempts(yes),-was i on the case load at sending instition(unmarked),-current psychotropic meds(no)signed byyvetve thorton rn osp.per corectionalinstitional inspection commitee.2 retirted lawyers,and james lipscomb’s dicovery documentary “lock-ed up lock-ed down life in a high max prision”and years of follow-up personal corresspondance i was transfered back to socf on 6-13-01

at s.o.c.f- drc form initial medical mental health/substance use screening form- history of outpaient mental health treatment (yes),-history of inpaient mental health treatment(yes),-history of violent behavior(yes),-history of suicide attempts(yes),-was on the case load at sending instition (no),-current psychtropic meds(no).. please note i seen the parole board on 3-21-2000 and was told in writting the “parole board policy not to release any inmate in max security status”also note that i have now been locked up 60 months on a sentence that 32 months was the max charge for being in a prision i’m not legally allowed to be in due to factuall prision staff file tampering all documented…

in summry thier are factually documents proving changing my history to send mr to a prision i’m not allowed to be in and trying to correct it by changing it back after being released..this is important to note again the names involved jennifer grant/stephn dillon they are foul and the reason i’m still in prision until prision journey blog number 2 stay safe

dennis tuck #307870
po box 57
marion ohio 43301

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