UNITED WE STAND, by Sean Brown

The Red reminds Us of the passion which fuels Our Pride,
In this Nation that We Love where Our Hearts reside;
The White symbolizes the 1 Soul all Americans share,
Giving Us a clean slate @ birth on a playing field that’s fair;
We travel across Blue skies & over the Blue seas of this great Earth,
Planting seeds of Democracy & showing the true value of Man’s worh;
There’s only 1 Race & that’s Humanity,
Which is why America consists of so much diversity;
Heritage, color, creed, & sexual orientation,
All combine in intricate ways to form this exemplar Nation,
Filled with independent Free Thinkers & prosperous endeavors,
Envisioning the Donkey & the Elephant finally working together,
For the Common Cause of the Country since We’ve had enough stormy weather,
The founding fathers would admonish you,”PLEASE… WE can do better”;
WE the People are the Life, Sweat, & Blood of this Republic;
So while We continue to innovate & celebrate all that We’ve accomplished,
Let’s not forget to keep Our Eyes toward the Future & how We can help each other;
For Americans are not strangers,
We’re a Family of Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Sisters, Cousins, & Brothers!!
Now… will We EVER see this become the Reality???

DOC #1083630

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