Jibreel Vaughn

Let’s Go All The Way, by Jibreel Vaughn

With legislation proposing police reform and related concerns in an effort to try and bring calm to black communities, now is the time to address and pass bills that assist black and brown communities to help them move forward with the rest of the nation. There desperately needs to be address criminal justice reform for juveniles, youthful and long term offenders, including mass incarceration. Also, adequate reentry programs, more social economic development for black and brown communities, outlawing red lining, restoration of rights so that ex offenders can make progress, educational systems that are identical to suburban schools, and the removal of racist policies that keep black and brown communities disenfranchised and steps behind other communities.
If we are REALLY going to do this then let’s stop half stepping and get to the meat and potatoes. Hidden agendas may get exposed and feelings may get hurt, and I’m talking about from those who are among us that don’t want our communities be successful but we’re moving forward…all the way.

Jibreel Vaughn
PO Box 861
Trenton, NJ 08625

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