Demetrius Arnold

THE ENEMY, by Demetrius Arnold

Who ever should read this please be encouraged to vote on behalf of female and male felons all over who have been disenfranchised by government’s of States that take our right to vote. Just because we have a record doesn’t change our outlook on matters that effect our neighborhoods and communities. Look into who stands for criminal justice reform…..not this token stuff the current “administration” has going on. Everyone has a voice, and if a person has served their time….isn’t that justice served? So we still can’t engage in matters of grave interests, like healthcare, education, and the workforce in America. They don’t want us to vote for Better funding for social services, better school board leadership, and higher wages set through federal minimum wages. It’s no secret that it is a vicious cycle for any person of color that falls into the “system” so please help reduce further recidivism and vote on behalf of those engaged in matters of politics, especially the disenfranchised. Let’s defeat the ENEMY

Demetrius Arnold
DOC #1792636

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