ICE AGE, by Sean Brown

Painful memories blow across from the frozen tundra of hopeless Souls;
And, as a rule, We tend to refuse Love’s warmth while embracing the cold;
Emotional blizzards blur Vision so Paradise looks like prison;
And hell appears to be Heaven while stuck in isolated positions.
Feeling alone & shipwrecked, disregarded by the world;
How is it possible to transform these hailstones into pearls?
I know what it’s like to feel that no one understands;
To feel like a target & a worthless, unwanted man;
Like is truly lost & it really doesn’t matter,
Because I don’t deserve to have it anyway since I’m just another stain splattered
On the planet;
To feel like the human condition is to only be a walking, scheming Manic
Depressive who’s self-obsessed;
But the Truth is that every struggle endured is a strengthening test;
Obstacles aren’t roadblocks, they’re actually Steps;
And to See GOD in in everyone is a characteristic of being Blessed.
No human being’s perfect, yet We’re all destined for Higher Heights,
Destined to climb out the murky pits of hate & selfishness in order to embrace the Light;
Stumbling & falling are nothing more than par for the course;
Our choices & determination pick Us up then become Our driving force;
Nothing’s unattainable & nothing’s out of Our reach
Once We exorcise those demons & ghosts which haunt & keep Us frozen, just stuck on repeat!

DOC #1083630

Categories: poems, Sean Brown

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