Nathan Gray

by Nathan Gray

I would like again to share a few things with you if I may. We have a prime example of what our society have woven into our community. We have a black man that have been murdered unjustly by the ones that suppose to protect us. As a black community we first have to be educated on where this all originated from. We as a black community or black society started it all. It originated in the 80s when the crack game hit the United States. Blacks needed a way to redeem themselves after the suffering they endured while growing up in that time and what they seen their parents go through just trying to keep food on the tables. this is why gangs where structured because young black kids was seeking a family, a family that was rebellious toward structure and order. To run in a gang blacks as well as mexicans felt that they could make more of a difference if they united violently toward society and then and then only would they be noticed or was of some importance ” we will show them ” so gangs erupted just like they doing now, even though you see whites out protesting they only start seeing the picture when one there own were affected and until blacks and whites started having relationships and bi racial kids. When blacks started acting out violently during protest for the death of Mr Floyd that’s what they know how to do to get the attention, the same thing that’s being going on for years this is what they know best, is it the right way to go about things? I feel it was not, but they are being heard. I feel that we were part of the problem from the start. When gangs and crack cocaine hit the scene it was all down hill for our black community, there was no more unity amongst blacks we started killing each other envying each other riding around with loud music in our cars, drive by shootings, selling drugs, shooting at the police raping ,murdering, killing, crime was at a all time high, so what was the police to do who was scared out of their minds? shoot first and ask questions later, dead man don’t tell no tales.

If you look at it from a reality perspective Mr Floyd was a drug addict living life on the edge had a criminal record and no doubt experienced the cycle of abuse and contributed in some way to the unjust treatment umongst the black community. Now don’t get me wrong, Mr Floyd life does matter and he deserves justice , but if nothing is done in right way , things will continue to be done in the wrong way and after this is over it all would have been for nothing. Please don’t judge me because I’m in jail or for the mistakes I’ve made, I believe in change and second chances. If a person want change they first have to make change within themselves and then one can help make a difference in someone else life.

Nathan Gray
DOC #709-817

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