Dennis Tuck

Broken Promises, by Dennis Tuck

orgins #3

after being terminated from the independant living program on 8-16-93 my s.s.i was cancelled after i reported that i had a job that ended in three week’s, so i’ve lived with multiple friends until i relocated to xenia in greene county living with a friend and her family. on 5-27-94, she recived a phone call asking for me, i was told by tom gilhausen to be at the court house juvineal building to collect $2,000 for reimburstment money at a 1:00 pm meeting,for the lost/stolen property from woodcounty toledo police investigation,so i went. the meeting was running late (found out latter there never was a meeting)so i took a walk around and was approached by a police officer and was asked why i was in the building and at first i started to answer her questions only for her to tell me,she was told to arrest me even before i got to the building,so i stoped answering her question and she started running her mouth and i did the same,so she took me into custody for criminal trespassing. please note i was in a public building,i was called and told to be at,no restraning order, no warrents or any legal reason to arrest me, however tom gilhausen knew i have mania triggered in part be injustice… after being in the back of the cop car she still ran her mouth and i threatened her and recived agg menacing charges. please not in order to be charged with threats two things must occure (1)immenent lawless action (2)circumstances where such action is possible brandenburg vrs ohio 395 us 444 end result i get 180 days in jail and the trespassing was droped,(while rober tuck got 90 days for gross sexual impostition for 10+ years of sexcrimes on children under his care.)and i feel some kind of way about this..

in jail:
deputy fields and seifert on behalf of the arresting officer began threating me, stealing and messing with my food,violating every civil right i have during my stay in jail,so on 6-28-94 i was transfered to dayton state forensic hospital for physical threats against fields and seifert to restabilze and returned 10-11 days latter where same said behavior continued and when i would reposned threat for threat i recived agg menacing charges(approx5+)when i complained to sgt reynolds and bowman i was told to man-up, so as a documented schizoaffective an bipolar (amoung others)psy paient that had not recived my med(lithium)becauase they the jail ran out of the supply the day before and said there would be none on hand until after thanksgiving.. so i take a spike out of the vent system and try to stab or worse to the jail deputies disrespecting me… end result i plead guilty to 2 counts of felony assult sentenced to 5-25years case number (ohio vrs tuck 94-cr-527)on 3-9-95 and transfered to prision 3-10-95

some relevent information (1)the approx 5 agg menacing charges have disappeared from my record yet still state i recived my felony on 11-22-94 and documents state the 180 days for the agg menacing had 127 days suspended due to reciving the felony while in jail??? 180-127 days is53 days and notice the dated 5-27-94 until 11-22-94 is 176 days or 4 days shy of my max, if there are only 4 days left how do you suspend 127 days unless you factuall gave me more time which thee is now no written record of..just f.y.i (2)joseph coates replaced my attorney david fierst as my attorny during a three way phone call where greene county paid him a large amount of money not to help me,,, and since i heard this my self i told him he had just recived blood money so my last agg menacing charge i had no attorny and was given 3 months all prior to my felony conviction,and i was sent to prision with 1 day jail time credit,, so my next blog will be prision journey #1

dennis tuck #307870
po box 57
marion,ohio 43301

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