Joseph Young

Purpose, by Joseph Young

Frequently confused
Selfishly abused in search of
Born with it
still has to be discovered
Not smothered with excuses

Portion by portion
every pint of contributions count
helpings hands recieves
an adequate amounts
the search continues

The trip my have its
bumps and grooves
following the yellow brick road
paying tolls before the next venture

Exposing the flaws
broke down every wall of
insecurities getting more comfortable
with self

That new skin feeling
signs of it getting close
soul more pure
purest of the most
cause you work hard

Doing things they afraid to do
things beyond you
selfless act after act
Playing your position in fact

You found it
You birthed it
You look good serving your purpose

Joseph Young
DOC #553-581

Categories: Joseph Young, poems

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