Burnett North

What Does Freedom Mean To Me? by Burnett North

What does freedom mean to me? It dosen’t mean to travel, think, or speak; No it’s much more, it’s looking in your rearview and not having to worry are those sirens for me. It is also not being choked out with a knee, a head lock, or being shot with a rifle or a 40. glock. It’s more than words can describe, it’s better than being pushed to the side. Things need to change so yeah take down that flag, and them statues, hell maybe we should get rid of the white house too! We can do better as a nation if everybody open their eyes to the truth. This isn’t history it’s what we always been living through. Things never changed we still in chains. It’s sad to see this great nation falling, like it’s going out of business. They call it history but yet we are still living it.

Burnett North #732-888
p.o. Box 5500
chillicothe, Oh 45601

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