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When pigs fly and Hell freeze over
By Master K.G. Supreme©
7 Ramadan II, 1441 (I.C.)

There ain’t nothing like freedom while watching hell freeze over. Native american police will tell you to your face,
“I have absolutely no faith in Humanity”.
News reporters disguise their badges and police uniforms for inner-city fashionables, while all the while remaining loyal to none other than the agenda of national oppression, to stunt the growth and development of rising independent nations that secede from the rapist rapture state made known as the neo-colonialists mothership. You can’t breath because the air of hell has frozen over and your lungs are the size of your kidney.

The amazon is on fire, beautiful afro-asiatic women are murdered in their homes by pol (ice) serpents who disguise themselves as servants of the, ‘In God We Trust module of life u.s.a White Supremacy. Interpol-NATO don’t function in the name of justice, and Overt Conintelpro operations are the cause of a missing children’s pandemic that nobody wants to speak about.
All the while the grave diggers get richer. And cutting coffins ain’t the only activity going down at your locol neighborhood funeral home.

We use embalming fluids inside our cooking ingredients and embrace ideas against social distance between dirty individuals who practice sexual perverted acts on the ones they love, but make charitable contributions to childhood sexual assault Trust funds. Just Ice ain’t Justice, but it sure as hell is spelled the same. White supremacist, and black/ red, brown, yellow, albino bourgeois populations in the imperialist nations disguise Human blood stealing rituals with revolutionary activism and auction body parts at gay parades.
But the real question is, are you prepared for when pigs fly?

The Coronavirus is so real, but very few of the spoiled “Police minded” individuals allow for the social information to spread so that common folks can protect themselves. This is in effect of the divide between the Peoples of imperialist state v. Independence sought after by the confederated nation states of the sovereign indigenous native tribes, klans and kensfolk. The peoples are the police, crooked cops and paid informants. While on the other hand the kensfolk are WE who provide Freedom, Justice, Equality by Food, Clothing and Shelter.
The general public people put all the lives of the world at stake for “Hopes” at a better life to come. Using emotional antagonizing schemes that instigate the most calm to become reactionary, the attacks never end, and they come the hardest from people we least expect. They refuse to Shelter In Place but are angry that leaders do so little to protect the well beings of the so-called hurricane disaster victims. What about WE who suffer a ‘Death Penalty in the modern Death Chambers of AmerikKka, for acts that do not carry a Capital Punishment.
COVID-19 is murdering New afrikan and Atzlan Chicano prisoners at a very high rate and the main stream news don’t want our stories?? That’s some Police shit. And the root word of police is ICE, no matter how WE attempt to justify our ways.

The general public of the U.S is made up of predominantly crooked cops, snitches, rapist, thieves and child murders. This is why the U.S is a police state and should be avoided by true liberators of Humanity. It is near impossible to save the few abused and suffering within the monstrous bear claw grip of the rapist rapture beast called, lady liberty USA. Life’s a bitch, and than you die. Its a concept too common for folks who have a developed science in the survival within the belly of the dragon. When you are damned if you do and you are damned when you don’t, folks stop giving a damn about what peoples are going through. Separation becomes the most attractive aspect of reality and individuals are willing to arm themselves against being raped by HIM, Them, or HER.
When Pigs fly, Google Facebook Instagram Snapchat Twitter Tic-Toc and Zoom become the new launching pad like NASA-SPACE X. And Cyber-Space is the Economical Frontier, kensfolks of the confederated branches on the fig-tree known as Just Moor. WE be damn if we be on the wrong side of intelligence, integrating with the adversaries of: Knowledge . Wisdom . Understanding. WE will not disguise our intent to survive beyond the terms set by the grave diggers and alter boy assassins of the Sacrificial lamb Party.
We are not property of the Red Cross Blood Bank Association, and will not part with our bodies/ biological properties freely without resistance.
The struggle that was has always been that it was and is to be. Truth is, is that it is what it is and what it ain’t it’ll never be.
Seperate from amongst the pig population and put shades on for the firework show because when pigs fly, they just Moor jet fuel in the sky at the neck of the bottle rocket ships of space travel. Fire crackers don’t navigate spacecrafts through the galaxies of outter space, they just explode for us down here to see that pigs dont fly, they just die and make for good eating.
Moor power to the Folk who IS.

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