Erica Thomas


I have been incarcerated for about 4 years in this facility, 5 years total. I have stayed out of trouble pretty much my entire sentence. I tried my best to accomplish certificates, closing my case plan and taking classes to help me in the future. I respect authority and try to stay out of the “Big Dogs” way.
OK, Its crazy with this being the Department of Corrections some of us inmates actually try to correct ourselves. We try to be rationale and control our emotions being we want and need to go home. The question most asked in random conversations is why are the ones reeking havoc on the compound getting the attention that should be given to us who apply self worth and control. One of the questions asked at dorm rep meetings is why is it the gang members get to live where they request but the inmates that do right or at least try to are looked over. Seriously….some inmates have beaten, cut, and jump other inmates, some couples fight one another and still end up together or where they wish to live. Its like they want you act up in order to get some kind of recognition. The ones( couples ) that dont fight end up seperated with no real reasoning. As I have this conversation with another inmate today she says ” Girl I been acting a ass on this compound for years and I get what I want just because staff don’t want to deal with me”. What is the motivation here? I have had a fight once but it was when I was attacked in 2017. I have not disrespected officers even when they’ve call me, bitch, retard, and some things I’ve never heard before. Yet I’m still a lady and carry myself as such but the fact still remains I have

Erica Thomas
DOC #1001581814

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