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On the same page?
It is amazing how two people can be in contact in whatever circumstances where they communicate in some way or another no matter the extent – and see just how terribly wrong things can go when one person isn’t exactly honest in the manner of how they express themselves while the exchange of this communication transpires…. This even occurs in prison and is the reason why I went from a relatively tolerable one to a terrible and unpleasant one…And lo and behold , its freckles fault, thank for that. The woman who would get me kicked out of Allen ( not to home of course but to this max prison) appeared to me by all means just a typical nice person whom happens to work in the field of mental health. We would approach each other as I walked laps and she left the place for the day. She had a easy smile and a sweet voice as she said hi or bye. This was just a casual exchange of pleasantries and nothing more. Basic stuff. This went on until I took it up a notch and made small talk for no other reason than because in prison when you meet a soul who looks and treats you like a human instead of inmate garbage you feel a sense of gratitude and want show appreciation in even the smallest way. And that can mean just merely making small talk in order to surreptitiously say ‘ thank you ‘. There are numerous snobbish and hateful staff that make sure you know they think your human scum just for being a inmate.
Well , not long after this new advancement in our friendly rapport , things went south. Because of a colleague she became suspicious of my intention and thought I had some ulterior motive and out of the blue went loco on me.
And now here I am at a max joint now because we were not on the same page.
While I was just fucking saying hi to this lady , there are worse cases. I think the worse case of not being in sync must be the failed marriage proposal. It is too bad you never get to see these on video like the happy endings where the woman starts crying and saying ” oh my god , I can’t believe this….Yes , of course! ” yuck , so cliché. Boring. I want to see that look on the man’s face anyone would dread. That primal expresion of fucking stunned surprise… and the look on the woman’s face , that trying to act innocent , oops sorry , I thought you knew I was also seeing Steve.
That’s want I want to video or see someone video , a realistic one , where it unfolds right in front of a crowd and on live television. One guy , after an anxiety filled few days works up the balls to ask the person who he thought was on the same page , who has been sleeping with him , dinning with him , watching movies with him , blah , blah , blah… He is finally gonna ask and goes to great lengths to set up a surprise proposal and in the fast paced unfolding of events under the watchful eye of , well , everyone , the girl twirls around and sees the guy on one knee holding that symbolic box containing its glittery stone representing hopes and desire… ” Honey , we’ve been together so long I feel we are two souls – yahda , yahda , yahda…Will you marry me?
The girl just stares at him for a loong time…. She glances at the crowd who is watching with bated breath in anticipation and thinks to herself ‘ you stupid poor bastard ‘ With the guy watching wide eyed she tilts her head and finally with a curled lip utters ” wellllll ” leaving the guy kneeling there looking dumbfounded-
kind of the way I reacted when that mental health woman gave me the casual greeting / small talk boot.

I am trying to come to terms with being stuck at this max prison… This stupid virus has me trapped here. No on can come and no one can go. And now I am witnessing a very real and disturbing possibility of the collapse of society. And you do not want to he trapped in prison if that goes down. Its bad enough I have to sit in here and watch our lunitic President stride along with military police as they gas american citizens protesting and clear the way so he can walk god on a leash up to a church and strike a pose while holding a book he has probably no more than just skimmed through. Now groups of anarchist and extremist of both left and right are stalking among the activist instilling fear and confusion in order to subvert the attempts of those trying to elicit change and permutate the course of history from repeating itself in the cloak of the old south.

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