No “I” in “We”, by Terry Little

Strong black sisters,
and sisters of other colors,
I glorify your brave soul,
I glorify as I remain froze,
with your amazed pose,
you Stand on that front line,
and sing that same song,
(I can’t breath)

some say your dead wrong,
but you won’t be caught dead gone, fighting to see your brother, friend, father, or man home,
Just speak into that microphone,
let them hear that old song,
(I can’t breath)

Put your moral pants on,
we too would like to live long,
Or for as long as God allow us to play along,
fight for what’s right,
it’s not hard,
it’s like flying a kite,
All deserve a chance to make it fly,
high in the sky,
so we all can see,
that we all can be,
And we all will sing,
(I have witnessed a dream)

Terry Little
DOC #A562207

Categories: poems, Terry Little

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