Jacob Smith

Yourself, by Jacob Smith

Today’s the day I say my prayers but
nobody really cares. I say I’m sorry
but it doesn’t work but I would love to
see a big booty twerk. I wake up
everyday starring at the same four
walls wondering what life would be
with a lot of stress balls.

You say you care but is it so when you
find out let me know. Snow comes
and the air gets cold but sooner or
later we all get old. You maybe young
you maybe old but only you would
know your bold.

Stay with the beat just sit in a seat. I
have something I want to say who
cares what people think anyway. It’s
me and you and we can run the world
as two and they won’t know what to

Jacob Smith #747143
po box 901
TCI leavittsburg, Ohio

Categories: Jacob Smith, poems

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