John Salyers Jr.

Religious Pluralism, by John Salyers

As a marginalized member within the LGBTQ society (that of being transgender/gender variant), I am very open minded and accepting of any and all of the religious/spiritual paths of others.

I take an open, sincere and reverently eclectic approach to spirituality and life in general.

As a child I was brought up mostly in the then dominant Christian belief system in American households, but over the years have learned to open my heart and mind to many different spiritual practices ranging from “New Age” to “Necromancy”.

There is an INFINITE wealth of knowledge, and wisdom shared within the world’s sacred spiritual teachings – past, present, forgotten, and future!
I believe that HUMANKIND will continue to seek and explore along our spiritual evolutionary path, until all souls eventually know, understand, and become “GOD”.

John (Joni) Salyers
DOC #185067

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