LIFE MATTERS, by Sean Brown

We matter because We’re more than just a #, a file, label, or name;
We’re each the sum total of all the experiences We’ve gained;
No man’s an island, every one of Us are connected;
So everything We say, think, & do is capable of making a difference;
We all affect Life, every choice commands a price;
Cause & Effect result in either more darkness or light;
When Self-Worth is lost, Respect gets devalued;
True Communities have become things of the past, leaving Us with few modern examples;
Yet We’re all someone’s Father, Brother, Uncle, or Cousin;
Somebody’s Nephew or Son, & that all means something;
What really matters? What counts? What determines a Life’s worth?
It has nothing to do with skin color or social station @ birth;
Principles instilled will rise to shine through muddy waters;
But not if lives keep getting sacrificed like they have nothing to offer;
True Guidance & Proper Education help to raise leaders;
We matter because contrary to propagated beliefs We weren’t born being bottom feeders;
Just like hatred & violence have to be programmed & taught;
By learning how to Love, the battle’s halfway fought;
All Life has value & needs to be Respected;
No one’s superior regardless of whateo beliefs We’ve accepted;
We each have Our own points of view, & that’s to be expected;
Because that’s part of the Beauty of Life when We keep it in Its proper perspective!

DOC #1083630

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