Carlton Turner

Shout out 2 Ava DuVernay’s Game Plan, by Carlton Turner

When we got women like Ava DuVernay speaking out on important issues that surround racism and what’s going on w/ this COVID-19 pandemic I believe that will Inspire bravery in more women who are in positions such as hers 2 not only speak on what’s going on but 2 do something.

I heard the beautiful black sister on The Talk, Sheryl Underwood speak so passionately one day on the show about the situation involving 2 white men killing the black dude in Georgia that I wish I’d had a friend like her when I caught my charge. I’m in prison behind a similar situation, except in my situation I survived. The racist white guy who tried 2 kill me while acting as a police officer was killed. But only as a result of self-defense.

Had I known more people like these women I wouldn’t B in prison today. And if more and more women like these 2 women would stand up and speak out on issues like these sensitive issues then something will eventually get done. I promise U.

Carlton Turner
DOC #372940

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