Nathan Gray


My name is nathan gray. I was so busy with college and tutoring high school math for inmates also I was teaching Three classes on violence and remorse and forgiveness for inmates with violent crimes and who had to see the parole board. These classes I wrote and sructured because it was very much needed for inmates who really wanted change in there lives.

I wanted to share a few things with you today about what’s happening today and what’s being done and what’s not being done and what should be done before its to late for our black community. We have gone so long with the struggle amongst our selves that it will only get worst before it gets better. We are dealing with a black society that is blind and they are shut to the big picture on what is going on. We as a black society we always see things from one of view with no knowledge on the facts because we act before we think and we think after we act with damage already being done. See we do things the wrong way because we have been doing for so long its like its normal ok, but its not. 90% of all blacks have experienced the cycle of abuse in the household, rather physical mental or verbal abuse or experienced some poverty, which plays a major part in what’s going on with our black society.

We to start educating our community on where our acts of ignorance originated from and why our eye are so shut to what our future picture will look like if we continue to walk around blind. imagine and blind person that has been blind for they whole life and was able to see things that they thought they wouldn’t be able to see, how they life would change dramatically. See the key to change amongst our black community is knowledge and education. If our older black community was more educated then we can some what put a halt to the struggle of misguided blacks. Once we begin to educate and begin to teach our youths then and then only do we break the cycle then and then only do we start to make a positive impact amongst our black community. We have to stop. the cycle and start a organization called operation change and more people involved that have full understanding on the motive and objection, and the impact that is long over due and that needs to be made befor its to late. Not only do we need to salvage our adults but our up and coming generation is the key to the whole strategic plan.

You may not see this vision that I share with you now but later you will. I’ve been facilitating for 6years and if have seen what I have seen and talked to so many different young and older black offenders they think the same way and have experienced the same suffering, It Has To Stop Now Before Its To Late. Stay safe stay blessed nathan.

DOC #709-817

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