Dennis Tuck

by Dennis Tuck

mr.dennis tuck #307870
44 years old
entered prision 3-10-95
outdate 2-23-30

small intro about self:

norse/irish heathen priest has been incarcerted 37 years total (or) free 9 months since 1981 due to documented illegal acts which have continued into adulthood and the core of my current incarceration…my blog will discuss this as factual since i do have documents to support and anyone intrested should read them,while in prision i’ve fought for racial/religious freedoms until/and/after release will continue to do so while establishing my desire for freedom addressing non-main stream issues by revealing a corrupt system again with documents to support covering mental healt/racial/religious crimes against prisioner’s a needed discussion,,, my blog will be called broken promises

contact info:

dennis tuck #307870
po box 57
marion,ohio 43301

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