Longing for Love, by Roger Black Jr.

I am serving 26 to life for a crime that I did not commit. I am praying that I will be issued a new trial, and in turn I pray that the truth will be revealed. One thing I long for, many guys in here won’t admit to; that is love. A genuine love that will withstand any trial. Here is a poem that I wrote for my future wife, where ever and whoever she may be:

“My Wife”
By Roger S. Black Jr.

My wife is the most beautiful around
no one more perfect for me could be found
she is perfect for me in every way
I’ll love her from now till my dying day.

When I say she is perfect
I don’t ignore her defects
I admire her good and bad side
neither would I wish her to hide.

she may see countless flaws in herself
but their like stories of books on the shelf
each telling of where she has been in life
leading to this day that I speak of my wife.

she knows who she is and where she’s going
vision set even when it seems stagnant and boring
she can’t be swayed once her mind is fixed on a thing
no matter what troubles life may bring.

some days her hair may be unkempt
looking like its been days since she’s slept
still I will admire her beauty and hold her close
if her love was a drug I would overdose.

never have I felt more whole or needed
than I feel with this lovely lady God created
she accepts this broken vessel as I am
and she appreciates and loves me as only she can.

Roger S. Black Jr #729370
PO Box 740
London Ohio 43140
(email available through

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