Halfway Through, by Rico Comer

I just completed spring semester 2020 with Ashland University through j pay/lantern online classes! I was under the impression that my previous credit hours from other schools I’ve attended during my incarceration wouldn’t be transferred because so much time had lapsed, however when I received my grades I was notified that I had twenty four cumulative credit hours instead of nine, which caused me to figuratively sit up in my seat and pay closer attention!

At the beginning of the spring semester I wasent sure where I was going with this because I was discouraged by the fact that I had to start over, now, learning that after summer semester I will have thirty three credit hours a d be two semesters from graduating with an associates degree, I feel good to be able to share this.

According to the low expectations that society has for me and people like me, who come from where I come from, this is not supposed to happen. I’m not an actor or a person pretending to come from a lifestyle that I don’t really come from. I’m really from the trenches, I’m in prison for taking a live, almost taking another, and trafficking drugs, I was born into this lifestyle, I’ve never been enrolled in high school, I obtained a GED while incarcerated as a juvenile, and participated in several different academic and vocational programs just to show myself and the naysayers that I was capable of doing it, but I’ve never been a finisher when it came to positive endeavors. But this one, I guarantee I will finish this one and I won’t stop there. I have a helluva story to tell about myself and what and where I come from and how its a miracle that I’m still alive with an out date and the full mental and physical capacity to do whatever I decide I want to. But I won’t tell my story in full, in the way that I intend to, until I’ve accomplished some of goals that society believes and has tried to trick me into believing that I can’t. Just stick with me and continue to follow me, and if you care, if you wish me the best, then I don’t only do it for myself, and my daughters, and my late son, but I also do it for you.

Rico Comer #732167
2001 East Central Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43608

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