Keith Bond Jr.

Making of I’am, by Keith Bond Jr.

Con me w/ trust by stealing my time w/ lies.
Honor is not among thugs, as your heart throb in your eyes.
Passion comes from your soul, as your emotions lives in disguise.
Choices are always hard.
When it changes your life.
Why me?
Ponder in your thoughts blending w/the devil smile.
Only angel is from lust, as you sex thru her eyes.
Love was never a thought, only a moment peaking thru time.
The wanting to be want.
Is compassion of building a vibe.
Holding down your front ,as other praise you for motivating there grind.
He gots the gift, is he a pawn or knight, A truth or lie,
darkness or light, die or fight, defeat or might….
Unknown to the creator developed from his skin , seeing w/his eyes,
smiling w/ his grin, unaware to his existence as being.
Who lived or died.
Missing the opportunity of living life….

Author : The Painter

Keith Bond,Jr
DOC #537-103

Categories: Keith Bond Jr., poems

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