Anthony Cockroft

On Ground Zero, by Anthony Cockroft

Date. 6-12-13

Yesterday I was taken away from the world by a decision I made
Today I’m the last person people think to save
Many pass by but never stop to wave
Memories keep my hope up in this man made cave

Stone & steel cover me like a blanket every given moment
The clothes I wear cause many to run and alone I’m left to sit in torment
Many fall into these walls and time they don’t know where it went
Leaving me the heart of a lion, mind of a God and strength of an elephant

The woman hold no desire for me from where I stand today
Not seeing the sun that shines from within due to this dark place
Giving no chance to know who I truly am only judging from a past mistake
Here I sit and cannot not leave in this small world I now stay

Anthony Cockroft #469497
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon, Ohio 45036


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