Prison Life & Corona Virus, by Matthew Puccio

After we had two staff members test positive for the virus, they handed us masks that are NOT CDC approved, are now giving us two meals a day, and even restrict on what we can get when we go shopping at commissary more than usual.

The plus sides are two free five minute phonecalls a week, one free 15 minute video visit a week, and every Wednesday jpay gives free replies to us.

It is hard in here when some of these guys don’t get outside help. Some have to live off of $9 a month. Yes we even have to pay for our own medical care as well.

It is when times get hard and challenging I have to allow the storms arising in my life to throw me into the Rock of Ages. It is in God that I can find peace even in such dark times.

In Psalms 91 God promises to deliver us from every disease, from the disease that causes death at night even. God then says that He will deliver our family from them as well. While thousands fall around us, we have the promise of deliverance and of Divine protection.

While inmates complain about the issues going on how we have no programs currently, no in person visits, it is easy to fall into these patterns that lead to despair and deep depression.

During these trying times remember that we have a hope in God through Jesus Christ. In Psalms 94:14 we are told by God through King David that He will not forget His inheritance. That’s everyone who believes on Him and claims the promises He made.

Instead of seeing the despair in the world events during this pandemic, look for the One who can deliver from this and find your peace. Remember that in Matthew Chapter 24 Jesus warned us of curable and incurable diseases before He could come back.

May God bless all of you and may He come to your deliverance during this dark trying time in world history.

Matthew Puccio
DOC #667-706

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