George Williams

Inner thoughts, by GEORGE WILLIAMS

Today I was having a conversation with a friends of mine (that’s free) and she was telling that her husband has cheated on her and she didnt know what to do so I asked her was she gonna leave him or take him back after all they been together for 15 years and this was the first time that he stepped out on her that she knew of,she then asked me why should she? I told her that everyone make mistakes and just because he made a mistake doesn’t mean he can’t change or that he didn’t love her she told me that people don’t change and that made me thinking is that how they see’s us?So that bring me to my question today do you believe if a person make a bad decision/mistake them who he is?or do you believe that people who do bad things is a product of there environment?can someone change in time?if so how much time do you think it will take for them just to heal from there situation that come upon their life?

DOC #527-157

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