James Parker

by James Parker

hello! my name is james a. parker i am writing this inwhich is one of my song’s intitiled “NEVER A BTTER LOVE” to all the ladies,out there from 40-60 years of age please listen to the word’s i write and you will see into my soul. Never have i found a better love, who has ever made me feel the way you do, ever since you came into my life girl, all i can think about is you,oh! how i love your lovely smile and the way you carry yourself, honey you have stole my heart away, and your good love has captivated me. chorus never a better love, i got my eyes on you, never a better love oh! baby baby, i tell you your the truth,never a better love, no one else has ever made me feel this way, never a better love, igot my eyes on you. thats enough i dont want any one to still my song. but you can write me (via)jpay.com at:

james parker
DOC #612374

please hit me up.

Categories: James Parker, music

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