Ventilation System, by Timothy Kearney

“Just Venting”

Sincere Honesty!Because starting any relationship off with lies..becomes lies.. grows with and ends in lies.Because of my decisions when I was younger I gave the Department of Correction 15 long years of my life.During that time I basically lost every relationship I had. Family ones,as well as the intimate one I had.One thing a lot of people do is judge those who’ve been incarcerated.Being judged on your past is one thing that can hinder you from a strong, trustworthy, committed relationship.I pray that doesn’t occur with me.That’s why Im writing this letter.Its why I write all my letters. I’m a person who truly hopes to find that one person who won’t be judgemental towards me because of my past.I pray I can find that person who I can build that “worth it” relationship with.I’m a better overall individual now because of the time I’ve been incarcerated.I want too prove it to her,as well as too myself,I want to show her who I’ve become.Who I’ve evolved into.I’ve always been a trustworthy guy,the loyal to some degree guy.I say degree because I have cheated before but never did I give my heart or quality time to someone other than my lady.It was strictly sex.Yes I know sex was the worst part and to the four women I had an intimate relationship with,at whatever point that was hurt by me..I’m sorry!But to be honest,i cheated when i felt that particular relationship had run its course.The last relationship that I had prior to being incarcerated was undeniably one of the best relationships I had.I truly was able to differentiate what love and lust was.I do not wish to be with multiple women.I want her!That one woman I can love for the rest of my life.Some of the honest words I ever spoke in my life.Sometimes I thank God for that time..because the way I was living in the past,as well as running with the crowd I was with.I might not have made it to see my two daughters have son’s.Yeah I’m a G-Pops. What’s up King and Kaynen.. my 2K & 2K2. Pop-Pop loves you guys.But for whomever reads this..I pray that you don’t completely judge me because of my past but I hope you give me the chance to show you that Im a better person for the future,because of who I’m am now in the present, because of my past.Thank You..for simply reading this letter..I hope being too judgemental isn’t you..judge me..but don’t let it deter you from someone who wants too love you to death.That’s 100% honesty. I thought about you for a real long time,waited patiently for you, I can’t wait to meet and go through the process of getting to know,understanding and loving everything about you.
For every lyric written for this song I now am a better human being..
All 4 One- Song:”I swear”

email: (Timothy Kearney#1174098)

Timothy Kearney
DOC #1174098@

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