Your Lawyer Saved My Life (pt. 2), by Thomas Smith

Dear reader:

To whom this may concern. I would like to start by saying thanks. I wish to be brief and to the point so i would like to say thank you today from me, and whom ever has’nt said it yet.

My name is Thomas Smith. Im currently incarcerated at Mansfield Correctional Institution, which is, O.D.R.C., for a number of drug possession and trafficking charges as a result of a partial investigation that took place in Scioto County, Portsmouth Ohio.

This investigation took place over a span of 4 years. And 3 years and 5 months of the investigation, i was already incarcerated. The investigation in its entirety, was focused on a few friends and family members of mines.
Those people (co-defendants) admitted to the’re wrongdoings, and took plea deals, while also stating my lack of knowledge of the activitys they took part in.
Me being well aware of my innocence, chose to excercize my right to a fair trial, and was given everything but that.
As a result of this, i was subjected to what is refered to as “Trial Tax” and was sentenced to 40 years jail time, for seven months involvement, in a 4 year investigation.

I was never seen, video or audiotaped, or arrested, saleing, useing, or in possession of any drugs at all durring my brief 7 months of so called involvement.
Excercizing my right to a fair trial resulted in a sentence of 40 years jail time, without any actual evidence, which is aganst the law.
Hearsay in a drug investigation should never get someone more time than murder convictions.

Also, with all this being my circumstances, it gets better, so wait, theres more!!!

The judge that overseen my case, trial and sentencing has been dis-barred for alcoholism, being drunk durring cort proceedings, sex alligations involving prostitutes, which where not only the key witnesses in my case, but the only evidence what so ever. The Ohio Public Defenders Office put out an update that if someone had this judge between 2013 and 2018 than we should seek legal council.
The judges name is William T. Marshal out of Scioto County.
What can i do next in order to win my life back?!?!
If you and your organization are interested in helping me, my actual case number is;
There is an enormous number of Assignments Of Error that my public defender pointed out that i would like to take another look at but im ignorent on where or how to start.
these Assignments Of Error are highlighted in my direct appeal;

If you can help me get my life back, i promise i’ll spend it helping others in the same mannor.
Thanks for your time, would luv to hear back from you soon.


Thomas Smith #712-931
Mansfield Correctional Inst.
P.O. Box 788
Mansfield, Ohio. 44901

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