Jamar Myers

My Queen, by Jamar Myers

My Queen,
You are strong, confident, tender, understanding, and loving. You are my backbone when I am weak and need strength. You are my power.

My Queen,
You are my star and the light that guides me through the night, and I am her Sun. I am the one that heats up her God giving soul.

My Queen,
She gives me life and ambition, she keeps me on balance and pushes me to succeed, and be the best man I can be.

To my queen, I am her King, I am the one who sits on the throne, with her at my side, I am not alone. Its us against the world, the king and the queen, and she rides with me through thick and thin.

My Queen,
No matter the battle my queen is by my side and always ready to ride.

My Queen.

You may ask, who is his Queen?

My queen is you. Every woman of color. No matter if your Black, Jamaican, Haitian, Dominican, Puerto-Rican, Cuban, Indian, or Asian, etc, etc…….
I am speaking to ALL WOMEN OF COLOR. All women who are clothed in milian. I wrote this just to let you know that YOU ARE ALL QUEENS.

You help bring life into this world.

I love the soft touch you give with the tips of your hands, your smooth skin your gentle lips, and the sweet and comforting sound of your voice. Its just something about it all that sends a sensational and extravagant chill racing through the veins of my body.
The softness and smell of her hair. The gaze in her eyes. If I look for too long I’m caught in a trance. The smile of a queen brings me joy, and I can feel her vibe of love.

My Queen.

You are a Queen! You are Royalty! So never let any man or anyone tell you any different, or trick you into believing that you are less. It is so much I can say about you Queen.

I am the King in the rough who has no Queen. So I search and search until the day in find my Queen.

My Queen.

If you wants to commit on my blogs/ poetry/ post, I am unable to view, and cannot see your commits to what I write on inmateblogger.com because I am incarcerated and cannot go onto the site. So if you want to commit on my post/blogs/poetry so I can read your commits. To contact me or to commit on my post, please download the JPAY App and easily set up an account and add me. To add me all you need is my SBI # 000830254-C

Jamar Myers
DOC #000830254-C

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