by Paul Valentine Jr.

My name is Paul Valentine is this is just me just trying to vent a little but i am at cci and things are getting a bit crazy around here due to the virus, we are on a lock down so thats means that i am trapped in a block with all these guys and they got me at my wits end, it is definitly testing my patients, but other than that things are going as good as they can i guess, it would be alot better if i had someone to talk with on the regular ya know….it would be a nice change to hear from a women, letters or over the phone, you can only talk to the fellas so much before you wanna punch them in the face…lol…i feel that you ladies probably feel like that most of the time so im sure im in good company!!! If any of you out there would care to talk i would be pretty appreciative for some conversation…anyways to all of you out there going through the struggle be safe and stay close with your loved ones cause you never know when bad shit will happen, stay safe and put your faith in the lord and anything is possible…….my contact info….

Paul Valentine Jr.
DOC #a766853
chillicothe correctional

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