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Life Changes for Under Privileged, by Lachurn Terry

good morning world today iam going to talk about are kids.its sad to see are kids today.lost now thats why iam on this blog. once you see what i put together its time to fight for are kids. now sit back and look at my proposal and you tell me how you like. here we go

mission statement
the mission of life changes for under privileged kids is to provide a social environment that focuses on education and building a bridge for families of the incarcerated. it’s mission is to also reunite children of the incarcerate adult male and to foster a family. structure within the community in effort to make a differnce in the lives today youths. this organization shall strive to acquire funds to allow us to donate to various organizations that provides many needs to community youths within ohio.

stage one
breaking the cycle with life changes
video locked up at youth”
1] tell a little about yourself. what is your name.
where are you from.what was your youth like before you got locked up;
2] what led to you getting locked up; how did you feel about going through the system;
3] how have family and and friends dealt with your incarceration;
4] what has been the most difficult part of your incarceration;
5] when will you be released;

stage two
montoring for life changes;

young adults are paired with children of incarcerated to provide a positive role model.young adults were children of incarceated absent parent but to chose to be successful]

stage 3]
bridging incarcerated with their children
incarcerated with their children
childs mentor begins working with the incarcerated parent in ways that will bridge the gap that separates them from their children. this includes correspondence. call,and visits

stage 4]
life skills for life changes;
parents and children are united in the class to teach \learn life skills together to build a bond they have been missing.

stage 5] scholarship program for life changes;
parent and child interviews on tv to answer one question; how are we going to ensure the chain is broken now;

now thats. that now if you want to join me to help me to fight for are kids just hollar back at me. its time to save are kids.

Lachurn Terry #a490746
p.o. box 740
london ohio 43140

(a.k.a shorty fats)

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