Angelo Vasquez

Art, by Angelo Vasquez

hello everyone:)
I would like to offer my artist services, it’s been getting expensive in prison.
I can paint portraits for a hundred a face, its really $5.00 per square inch
I can double the size but the price doubles as well. I can do color or black and white, I also do aura portraits which is a tiny gift I have is I can see the aura of the person at that time of photo taken. Our aura’s are our etheric bodies color given from emotion and sensation.
I do all work within 72-96 hours. I mostly have atmospheric/abstract with slight surrealism on my IG ” AngeloMalforms” or on my partners site “Firme” if you hire my hand, I myself can mail it to you or my partner can whatever you are comfy with.okay bye.

Angelo Vasquez CDC #G07505
satf state prison
Corcoran, CA 93212

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