Dreams Become Nightmares, by Darrell Moran

I have faith that their is someone out there in the world who will underatand.
We are faced with a time where confusion is master.I just received an email from my aunt explaining to me that my older cousin has died in his sleep from coronavirus.Should I be happy that he went in peace and in the way that God planned it,or should I feel that Man is responseable for the death of my older cousin and so many others.Our family and friends are subjected to This Population Control Owned By The Government Of This World Where God Is Defined through simple words that so many of know but never really take the time to understand.I see that Man’s dream has turned God’s dream into a nightmare,or was it God’s plan all along to give Man this dream first inwhich as disfigured his very image…? what is the purpose of God blessing us with this beautiful gift to dream inwhich man has solved many great things in this Creation of Us,U,Me and the beautiful seeds of all Creation,or was it really givin to us so that we would experience the best of both worlds and what’s to come….Inwhich living in Reality has been a Nightmare where as by living in God’s gift to Dream is a small peice of Heaven……

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Darrell C. Moran
DOC #554607

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  1. God gives His belove sweet sleep and sweet dreams. He also seals our instruction by Holy Spirit, bringing it to light at the appropriate time. God thinks a lot about dreams because it’s one big way He can talk to us. We normally have 4 dream cycles in a normal night’s sleep. I guess it really is important! Let’s look to Holy Spirit and ask for interpretation and understanding to run with the vision He gives us.


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