Tyrell Smith

Introduction Blog, by Tyrell Smith

Hello my name Tyrell Smith
I’m 29
I was incarcerated 5-21-16 for burglary
My out date is 4-23-20

A little about myself!
I have one child named Moses whom I’ve never met he’s three years old. I’m from Winston Salem, North Carolina. I’m 57, I weight 142 athletically built. I have my General Equivalent Diploma, and I’m now currently enrolled in Ashland university they now offer here to obtain my Associates Degree in basic business. I can draw just about anything I see, I write poetry depending on the occasion or who its for and I like to workout!

And my contact info is:

Tyrell Smith #690-260
2001 east central avenue
Toledo, Ohio 43608

email: Jpay.com

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