Post Traumatic Broken Heart, by Zachariah Huddleston

They say reminiscent is not good if u dwell on bad memories,
I don’t feel sorry for my self kuz I give u all my sympathy.
Put my whole heart in your lap
I Love you, that’s a fact.
Dam well ant a mystery.
They called us bonnie an Clyde,
we was bound to make a history.
I hurt myself by hurting you,
My foolish pride caused me to loose.
You or the streets,
I couldn’t choose.
I knew the truth ,an still I refused.
I remember the first time my heart actually broke,
When them police had guns on us both.
When I realized I messed up the most.
How could I ruin a blessing fast?
how could I allow someone I love to be in a predictment so bad?
I took our bright future an threw it in the trash.
I’m so mad , but at myself , not because the hand I was dealt,
Because I was selfish an to concerned about wealth.
All I wanted was you to be happy, I didnt care how I felt.
Now we are separated an left to fend for ourselfs.
I can no longer protect you!
I over think an some times disrespect you.
I wish I could show u, why to me your so special.
Its my pride to the side,
That even thou my heart broken,
I gotta realize you doing stuff outta hurt emotions.
I know we ant perfect but we gotta learn how to control our actions.
I’m traumatized by your love
so no other person could ever get my affection.
They sentenced us to be divided,
Let’s surprise them!
Let them know we gone ride
and I will Love you til I die!

(Background behind poem; The Person I wrote this Poem for is my Codefendant on the crime I’m incarcerated for. She was my Girlfriend before we got locked up. I wrote this for her in the beginning but haven’t shared it with her yet.)

Zachariah Huddleston
DOC #A737-326

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  1. More research needs to be done for those who struggle unknowingly from within my friend, alot of mess we find ourselves in is directly off the back of our underlying struggles.. 🙏💙🙏


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