Erick Lawshea

I’m The Person She Wanna get 2 Know, by Erick Lawshea

I’m a Black male, 30yrs of age, stand at a height of about 5’7. Brown skinned, my weight is about 165 pounds, I’m athletic built with a nice body from working out. I have dark brown eyes, that are very hypnotizing and captivating, with a sexy white smile to die for, and a pair of soft juicy kissable lips. And I’m from Cleveland, Ohio.

A lil bit about me! is that I’m a very loyal person, I hate liars, and I’m all about respect. I’m very humble, and quiet, I analyze everything around me! I Love to laugh, and have a lil fun, I have a great sense of humor. I love to read, and seek knowledge, learn and experience new things. I love music, from R&B to Rap, Pop, Jazz, The Blues, and more! I also write music as well, Rap and R&B to be specific, I’m an artist myself. On my free time I like to play a game of chess, to challenge my mind, and my opponents as well. I can play cards good as hell, like Spades, Casino, Flip, Hearts, Tunk, 10tens and 2two’s, and Rummy 5000.

I Am a single man, who has been locked up in prison for 6six years now! for a crime I did not commit. I been through a lot in my situation, it’s been a hell of a struggle for me! I lost my freedom, my family, house, car, and a lot of people who didn’t mean me any good in the first place, 2 dig a lil deeper I also lost a piece of me as well. As of right now I’m very blessed, I couldn’t see it in the beginning of my bid. But God has a plan, and he had one for me! He has his reason and purpose, for things he do rather we can see it, or not. God chose me, becuz I’m his chosen one, and it was ment for me to go through these trials, and tribulations. God had to break me down, to build me back up into the man he wants me to be. And now I’m living with purpose, and I finally know my purpose living life here! on earth.

My freedom was took away! to keep me Alive, and for me to grow up, and become more mature. For me to learn how to be a real man, and to take care of my responsibilities. To protect, provide, give shelter, be a leader and lead my family, to be righteous, and be a prophet lead my people, and enlighten my brothers, and sisters to what’s right, and learn how to have discipline. I’m not perfect, but I am learning from my mistakes correcting them. I’m the oldest of 6six siblings, I’m a father of 3three beautiful children, and the King of a beautiful woman who birthed me! I went through the typical shit of being a black nigga growing up in da Hood, facing poverty and growing up in section 8 housing. Mom use to do drugs, my dad use to beat her and abuse her. My father stayed in & out of prison, and never was around, to help my mother with us, or pay bills and take care of us like a real man was suppose to do. My mother couldn’t teach or show me how to be a man, we was struggling bad when I was coming up. I ain’t have no male figure to teach me! I jumped off the porch and learned everything from da streets, the streets was my dad. I just know I had to help my mom, and help out with my younger brothers, and sisters, I had to learn to hustle, and grind, to help out with bills, or to keep from getting evicted and put out on da streets. I was forced to grow up, I didn’t choose this life, this life chose me! I’m just playing da hand I was dealt. but through it all I’m determined to come out on top, live right and with a purpose like GOD planned. Failure and defeat, is not an option for me. With all this being said, it took for me to go through Hell, to get to Heaven, meaning I finally changed my life around for the better, to live Righteous and be the King I am. Once again! I’m a single man who’s righteous, looking for friends, or a single woman who’s righteous, who wants to get to know me! Build get to know, and grow with me, I need good woman on the side of me, who no how to hold her man down. Contact me on Jpay! Download App to tablet, or Phone, send friend request.

Erick Lawshea
DOC #660-745

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