The Freedom that Kills, by Robert Smith Jr.

Here lately, especially out in California there’s been a lot of protest about loosening up or doing away with the lock down restrictions. Which I totally understand, being that I’m really incarcerated. For Sixteen years now, only to have the corona virus reschedule my early release court date here lately. So I know what its like to feel anxious. However, I trust God. And I know that’s easier said when I don’t have a bunch of bills or dependents who need me to survive. Nonetheless, I say that’s the gift and the curse of living in a country with so much freedom. Americans are spoiled brats, so let them do what they want to do, if the results are more deaths and confirmed cases, then spank their butts afterwards and ground them again. Until then give them an opportunity to kill themselves or catch it. I’m tired of hearing and reading about all the crying and complaining, sound worse than the children of Israel. And as bad as I want to go home, you would think I will be the one with the sad song. One thing I learned in life, when I chose this road to prison, my relatives tried to stop me by giving me warnings or setting up certain perimeters and guidelines, but like the eager protesters I had my mind made up. I was going to thug to death. And the funny thing about all this coming off of lock down if or when one of them protestors fall victim to the corona, they’ll be trying to sue or scream the government didn’t do enough to protect them. So its a catch 22. Reminds me of when Israel demanded a king to rule over them instead of God. I say give the protestors what they want, the freedom that kills. Open the whole country up and let them get back to “normal”. Because they rather have profits over lives. And consumerism over safety. Or socializing over intimacy with God. So I say let them be regretful about their choice to come off lock down. I commend Modoc County for not having any cases. However, coming off of lock down and not using that as an opportunity to help, volunteer, drive food to those in need, make mask, or be a part of the solution, will totally be inconsiderate and selfish. We need to see this as an opportunity to look beyond profits, and money. Because it won’t be business as usual, ever again. So for the land lords or banks, I don’t see why you all aren’t using this time as an opportunity to extend grace to your fellow Americans. No one in this crisis should be worried about getting back to work to pay rent! Nor should they need food. If you can’t afford to take a lost for two or three months, during a crisis like this than you don’t deserve to be in business! This is the time for businesses to take a lost. #People over Profits And that may be why we’re experiencing this, Its a test! We call ourselves a Christian nation, and we only been on lock down for four to six weeks but you pressing a tenant already about rent, or you’re charging full price for basic necessities, when yu know what’s going on. But you call yourselves Christians. That’s the hypocrisy that I hate. Now under normal circumstances I totally understand capitalism, get your money!! But we all know this is not a normal situation and if we don’t work together, meaning no big I’s or little u’s. Because if this epidemic hasn’t taught me nothing else, it has showed me we’re all just people. There is no tenant/landlord. There is no boss/worker. There is no rich or poor. We all are just humans in a crisis. And no matter how much we got, our money is useless right now. Because it can’t solve the problem or stop the casualties. The government should give vouchers, reimburse, or give tax credits to the landlords or banks as incentives for them to help the people that are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage. Everyone should come together and pitch in. That’s what its all about. Yea, we got some isolated incidents, but this should be the norm, especially right now. We should be doing that out the kindness of our hearts. That’s what real Christians would do. And the governor should be trying to figure out what’s the urgency? Why do the citizens feel like they need to come off of lock down so early?? When the number of deaths and confirmed cases continue to rise?? And once we get answers to that, then we can address the concerns. Because if yu think you’re going to be able to open up Modoc County and people from surrounding counties ain’t going to make they way to where the party at, you sadly mistaken. And that’s what makes this virus so insidious. Because all it takes is one infected person passing through. So I am in agreement with the governors, even though I’m in Ohio, in prison, waiting to get off lock down so I could be free. In fact, once I get out, I’m still not going anywhere until I see the first batch or group of people that came off lock down remain safe. No new cases. I love my life. So I’m confused when we as a nation can’t let go or drop whatever expectations and plans we had for the next two or three months. That means, May Day, Sporting events, NASCAR, Free Comic Book Day, Strikes, Holidays, Festivals, and any other outdoor events that may draw a crowd is cancelled until next year. That’s not going to kill anybody. We need to take a step back and look at ourselves, crying and complaining for more casualties. We have really lost our way. We tripping! Mad and protesting because the government is trying to keep us safe and alive at home with our love ones. You complaining spoiled brats would not survive where I’ve been in life and you really wouldn’t survive in prison where the conditions are so whimsical, you learn that being in control is an illusion. I don’t care if America never sees another holiday, festival, drink at the bar, etc. We need to get our priorities straight, because trying to escape your reality won’t make you happy. Love

Robert A. Smith Jr.
DOC #477-176

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  1. Such a smart post! I fully agree with everything you said. Thank you for sharing your opinion and i hope everything goes well with your early release.


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